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Second International Conference on Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction (S2S) and
Second International Conference on Seasonal to Decadal Prediction (S2D)


Poster presentations by session

List of poster presentations by alphabetical order

Name Abstract Title Poster Numbers
Abid, Muhammad Adnan Enhancement of the late boreal winter Lead Time Predictability over the Extratropical Region P-A1-01
Achuthavarier, Deepthi Mechanisms and predictability of the MJO teleconnection signals in the NASA GEOS-5 subseasonal reforecasts P-A1-02
Albers, John Isolating stratospheric versus tropical diabatic heating based sources of subseasonal predictive skill P-A1-03
Alessandri, Andrea Grand European and Asian-Pacific Multi-model Seasonal Forecasts: Maximization of Skill and of Potential Economical Value to End-users P-B3-01
Alessandri, Andrea Proposal for an international project aimed at quantifying the impact of land Earth system processes and feedbacks on seasonal climate forecasts (GLACE-ESM) P-B6-01
Alvarez, Mariano Validation of the leading pattern of intraseasonal variability in South America in CFSv2 and its predictability in subseasonal predictions P-A3-01
Anderson, Bruce A seamless verification framework to estimate the predictability of climate means and extremes across timescales P-C2-01
Andrade, Felipe Global precipitation hindcast quality assessment of the Subseasonal to Seasonal (S2S) prediction project models P-A3-02
Ardilouze, Constantin Reduction of model precipitation bias and impact on summer prediction skill P-A5-01
Attard, Hannah The Relationship Between Tropospheric Synoptic-Scale Events and Vertical Wave Activity Flux Near the Tropopause P-A8-01
Baehr, Johanna Should initial conditions for decadal predictions be as close as possible to observations? P-C1-01
Baggett, Cory Skillful five week forecasts of tornado and hail activity P-A2-01
Baggett, Cory Extending Atmospheric River and Precipitation Forecasts along the U.S. West Coast into Subseasonal Lead Times using Consistency-based Forecasts derived from Numerical Models P-A3-03
Barreiro, Marcelo Air-sea interaction in the impact of the MJO on South American climate P-A1-04
Batté, Lauriane Assessment of the forecast skill of precipitation over New Caledonia (SW Pacific) at the subseasonal time scaleAssessment of the forecast skill of precipitation over New Caledonia (SW Pacific) at the subseasonal time scale P-A3-04
Batté, Lauriane A multi-system evaluation of predictive capacity over the Arctic and mid-latitudes at the seasonal time scale P-B1-01
Benedict, James MJO-atmospheric river connections and their sensitivity to air-sea coupling across a CESM2 hierarchy P-A1-05
Beraki, Asmerom Examining the role SH sea-ice forcing on southern Africa rainfall extreme variability: Model sensitivity experiment P-C3-01
Bernardello, Raffaele Impact of different inizialization procedures on the decadal predictability of ocean carbon uptake. P-B6-02
Berner, Judith Improved ENSO predictability in CCSM4 simulations with stochastic parameterization P-C3-02
Bethke, Ingo A minimalistic damped harmonic oscillator framework for assessing decadal climate predictability in the Subpolar North Atlantic P-B1-02
Bhattacharjee, Partha Sarathi Study of Sub-Seasonal Predictability using the Unified Forecast System at NCEP P-A3-25
Bilbao, Roberto Forecasting the climate response to volcanic eruptions P-B1-03
Borchert, Leonard Variable Decadal Temperature Prediction Skill in the North Atlantic: The Role of Ocean Heat Transport P-B1-04
Bosart, Lance Clustered and Quasi-Simultaneous Extreme Weather Events on Subseasonal Time Scales P-A1-06
Byrne, Nick Seasonal persistence of circulation anomalies in the Southern Hemisphere stratosphere, and its implications for the troposphere P-A8-02
Caron, Julie Fully Coupled Sub­Seasonal
to Seasonal Forecasts in CESM
Caron, Louis-Philippe The Barcelona Supercomputing Center's contribution to the EUCP project P-B3-02
Castro, Christopher The Skill of Statistically Forecasting the Early Monsoon Onset in the Southwestern United States at a Subseasonal to Seasonal Time Scale P-A4-01
Castro, Christopher Toward Improvement in Seasonal Forecasting in the Southwest United States Using Regional Climate Product at Convective-Permitting Scale P-B2-01
Chandra, Arunchandra Predictability of Heat Waves Over South Asia in the participated models of Subseasonal Experiment P-A1-07
Chikamoto, Megumi Mechanisms and predictability of multiyear ecosystem variability in the North Pacific P-B6-03
Chikamoto, Yoshimitsu Multi-year prediction of climate, drought, and wildfire in southwestern North America using CESM P-B1-05
Christensen, Hannah Predictability, information, and probabilistic skill in the CESM Decadal Prediction Large Ensemble P-B3-03
Cionni, Irene Analysing the uncertainty of reanalyses to assess the predictability at S2S time-scales of key climate and energy variables for the energy sector. P-A4-02
Corti, Susanna Decadal variability in weather regimes and teleconnections in reanalysis datasets and century long hindcasts P-C3-03
Counillon, François Assimilation of sea ice in an Earth system model and its impacts for climate prediction P-A2-03
Curry, Judith Predictability of phase shifts of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation P-B1-06
Curry, Judith Seasonal to interannual predictability and prediction of Atlantic hurricane activity P-B4-01
Dai, Ying Initialized decadal predictions of the rapid warming of the North Pacific SSTs around 1990 and the persistent warm period in the 1990s P-B3-04
DeFlorio, Michael Global multi-model evaluation of atmospheric river subseasonal prediction skill P-A3-05
Díaz, Leandro Baltasar Co-variability between summer southeastern South America rainfall anomalies and tropical sea surface temperatures anomalies in CMIP5 decadal predictions P-B1-07
Ding, Hui Skillful climate forecasts of the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean using model-analogs P-C1-02
Diouf, Ibrahima The predictability of malaria: Case of Senegal, West Africa P-A2-04
Dirmeyer, Paul Seamless transition from weather to climate – A method for forecast definition and validation P-A3-06
Doi, Takeshi Merits of one hundred parallel simulations in seasonal prediction P-A3-07
Doss-Gollin, James Heavy rainfall in Paraguay during the 2015-2016 austral summer: causes and sub-seasonal-to-seasonal predictive skill P-C3-04
Dubois, Clotilde The Copernicus Marine Service Global Reanalysis Ensemble Product GREPV1: Validation of the ocean variability over the 1993-2016 period P-A6-02
Dubois, Clotilde Sensitivity of the oceanic conditions for the seasonal forecast of Météo France P-C1-03
Düsterhus, André The sub-sampling approach applied to the Summer North Atlantic Oscillation P-B1-08
Düsterhus, André Another view on ensemble subsampling: Are more ensemble members always better? P-B3-05
Ehsan, Muhammad Azhar Interannual variability and predictability assessment of JJA surface air temperature over the Arabian Peninsula in North American Multimodel Ensemble. P-B5-01
Ehsan, Muhammad Azhar On the decreasing Arabian Peninsula Winter Precipitation and its teleconnections P-C3-05
Engelbrecht, Christien Accuracy and skill of subseasonal prediction of heat waves over southern Africa and associated atmospheric circulation characteristics P-A1-09
Faggiani Dias, Daniela Statistical prediction of minimum and maximum air temperature in the Western North America P-B4-02
Faggiani Dias, Daniela Remote and Local Influences in Forecasting Pacific SST: a Linear Inverse Model and the NMME Multimodel Ensemble Study P-C3-06
Fragkoulidis, Georgios Linking Northern Hemisphere temperature extremes to Rossby wave packets P-A1-10
Fujii, Yosuke Development of a global ocean and coupled data assimilation system for subseasonal to seasonal forecasts in Japan Meteorological Agency. P-A6-03
Furtado, Jason The Combined Influence of the MJO and the Stratospheric Polar Vortex on Northern Hemisphere Winter Weather Patterns P-A8-03
Furtado, Jason The South Pacific Meridional Mode and Its Role in Pacific Seasonal-to-Decadal Variability P-B1-09
Furtado, Jason PRES2iP: Prediction of Rainfall Extremes at Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Periods P-C2-02
Gao, Miaoni Are Peak Summer Sultry Heat Wave Days over the Yangtze–Huaihe River Basin Predictable? P-A1-11
Ghosh, Soumik Aspect of GCM downscaled Regional Climate Modeling in simulating Spatiotemporal monsoon variability during ENSO and normal conditions and dependencies on boundary conditions P-C1-04
Gonzalez, Alex The Modulation of Equatorial Wave Activity by the Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation: Assessing S2S Model Prediction Skill P-A1-12
Grainger, Sam Characterising seasonal climate predictability and uncertainty through expert elicitation P-B1-10
Grainger, Sam On the use of seasonal climate forecasts in the Chinese energy sector P-B4-03
Grams, Christian M. Balancing Europe’s wind power output through spatial deployment informed by weather regimes P-A4-03
Green, Benjamin FIM-iHYCOM in SubX: Evaluation of Model Errors and MJO Index Skill P-A2-05
Grieger, Jens Model selection for DeFoReSt: a strategy for recalibrating decadal predictions P-B3-06
Gritsun, Andrey Potential predictability of the INMCM4 and INMCM5 climate models on decadal timescales P-B5-02
Guo, Zhichang Improving S2S forecast skill of precipitation and surface air temperature using multi-model strategy P-A3-08
Hamill, Thomas M. NOAA's Reanalysis and Reforecast Project for Subseasonal Forecasting P-A3-09
Hell, Momme Atmospheric Circulation Response to Episodic Arctic Warming in an Idealized Model P-A1-13
Hirahara, Shoji Developing the next-generation operational seasonal forecast system at JMA P-B2-02
Hoell, Andrew Exploring Nonstationarities in East Africa Seasonal Precipitation Predictability P-B1-11
Huang, Anning Skill of the BCC S2S Forecast System in Predicting the Subseasonal Rainfall over China in Summer and Model Bias Correction P-A2-06
Inatsu, Masaru An alternative estimate of potential predictability on the Madden-Julian Oscillation phase space using S2S models P-A3-10
Inatsu, Masaru Predictability of wintertime stratospheric circulation examined by non-stationary fluctuation dissipation relation. P-A8-04
Infanti, Johnna A comparison of CCSM4 high-resolution and low-resolution predictions for south Florida drought P-B2-03
Isensee, Katharina The post-processing chain of GCFS seasonal forecast data for C3S P-B2-04
Johnson, Bradford National Earth System Prediction Capability: Metrics, Post-processing, and Products for Seasonal to Subseasonal Workshop P-B5-03
Joshi, Sneh Simulations of the Asian summer monsoon in the subseasonal to seasonal scale P-A1-14
Jung, Euihyun Influence of Arctic Predictability on Mid-latitudes Seasonal Forecasts P-A3-11
Kadow, Christopher Assessing the Impact of a Future Volcanic Eruption on Decadal Predictions P-B1-12
Kadow, Christopher A skill assessment of the extratropical circulation in the high-res and low-res MiKlip decadal prediction system P-B2-05
Kamal, Samy The Regional Arctic System Model (RASM): A tool to produce improved S2S to S2D Arctic sea ice forecasts P-A3-12
Karmakar, Nirupam Multidecadal variability in the Indian summer monsoon and its connection with global sea surface temperature P-B1-13
Kataoka, Takahito New Ocean-Atmosphere Coupled Feedback in the Tropical Atlantic: Wind-Mixed Layer-SST Modes P-B1-14
Kataoka, Takahito Seasonal to Multi-Year Climate Hindcast Experiments by MIROC models P-B5-04
Kelley, Colin Differences in timescales of rainfall predictability for six countries, within agricultural context P-A4-04
Kessler, James Using Seasonal Forecasts to Drive a Great Lakes Hydrodynamic/Ice Model P-A2-07
Kitsios, Vassili Parameterisation of the fundamental subgrid turbulence interactions P-B2-06
Klemm, Toni Assessing User Needs and Model Accuracy of Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Winter Wheat Producers in the South-Central United States P-A4-05
Klingaman, Nicholas Subseasonal and seasonal predictions of West Pacific tropical cyclones P-A3-13
Kolstad, Erik Time scales and sources of European temperature variability P-B1-15
Kolstad, Erik Seasonal Prediction of Temperatures in Europe from Arctic Sea Surface Temperatures P-B1-16
Kovach, Robin Impact of Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Observations on ENSO Predictions from the GMAO S2S Forecast System P-A6-04
Kretschmer, Marlene Using causal discovery algorithms to evaluate Troposphere-Stratosphere linkages in the ECMWF forecast model P-A8-05
Kröger, Jürgen Full-field initialized decadal predictions with the MPI earth system model: an initial shock in the North Atlantic P-C1-05
Kumar, Sanjiv Potential reemergence of seasonal soil moisture anomalies in North America P-B1-17
Kumi, Naomi Evaluation of ECMWF S2S models in Predicting Rainfall Onset over West Africa P-A4-06
Lang, Andrea Winter 2017/18 Sudden Stratospheric Warming Hits and False Alarms in S2S Forecasts P-A8-06
Lee, Chia-Ying Tropical cyclone prediction skills - MJO dependence in S2S dataset P-A3-14
Lee, Hyun-Ju
Skill assessment of Seasonal forecast for temperature and precipitation extremes based on APCC Multimodel Ensemble P-A3-15
Lee, Yun-Young Representation of NAO/PNA activity reliant on ENSO phase in dynamical seasonal prediction models P-B2-07
Lefort, Thierry Experimenting a sub-seasonal prediction bulletin as part of the CREWS-Burkina Faso project P-A4-07
Li, Fei Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Forecasts with the Norwegian Climate Prediction Model P-A5-02
Li, Qian A mechanism of mixed-layer formation in the Indo-western Pacific Southern Ocean: preconditioning by an eddy-driven jet-scale overturning circulation P-A2-08
Li, Qian Response of Southern Ocean Mixed Layer Depth to the Southern Annular Mode on seasonal to interannual timescales from an eddy-resolving ocean model P-B1-18
Liu, Maofeng Towards Dynamical Seasonal Forecasting of Extratropical Transition in the North Atlantic P-B3-07
Liu, Yiling A framework for decadal prediction assessment P-B5-05
Liu,Zhenchen A conceptual prediction model for seasonal drought processes using atmospheric and oceanic standardized anomalies: application to regional drought processes in China P-B3-08
Lledó, Llorenç Wind drought episodes in the US and Europe: the power of case studies P-B4-04
Luo, Jing-Jia Inter-basin source for two-year predictability of the prolonged La Niña event in 2010-2012 P-B1-19
Mastrangelo, Daniele Verification of 2 years of CNR-ISAC subseasonal forecasts P-A3-17
Matear, Richard Potential Predictability of the Tropical Pacific Ocean P-B6-04
Materia, Stefano A multi-model approach for cold spell sub-seasonal prediction in Northern Turkey P-A4-08
Matsueda, Mio Predictability of winter Pacific weather regimes and its connections with MJO on medium-range timescales P-A1-15
Matsueda, Mio The S2S Museum – a website of ensemble forecast products – P-A3-18
Mayer, Kirsten Additional Prediction Skill Provided by the MJO to Midlatitude Circulations on S2S Timescales P-A1-16
McKay, Roseanna Understanding the Role of the Indian Ocean in Recent Australian Heat Extremes P-A1-17
Mecking, Jennifer The Role of the Ocean in the 2015 European Summer Heat Wave P-B1-20
Merryfield, William Toward user-relevant monthly to seasonal forecasts of Arctic sea ice: The FRAMS project P-B4-05
Merryfield, William WGSIP’s Long-Range Forecast Transient Intercomparison Project (LRFTIP) P-C1-07
Miller, Douglas Assessing Seasonal Predictability Sources in the Climate Forecast System Version 2 P-B2-08
Miyakawa, Tomoki Ocean-coupled NICAM (NICOCO) and its application on MJO - El Niño interacting events. P-A1-18
Mochizuki, Takashi Multiyear climate prediction using 4D-Var coupled data assimilation system P-C1-08
Molod, Andrea GEOS S2S-2_1: The GMAO High Resolution Seasonal Prediction System P-A2-09
Moore, Thomas Building a set of ocean observations for the initialisation and validation of the Climate Analysis Forecast Ensemble (CAFE) system P-B2-09
Morioka, Yushi Decadal climate predictability in the southern Indian Ocean revealed by using SST-nudging initialization scheme P-B1-21
Morioka, Yushi Role of subsurface ocean initialization in decadal climate predictability over the South Atlantic P-B1-22
Munoz, Angel G A Seamless Process-based Model Evaluation Framework for Subseasonal-to-Decadal Timescales P-C3-09
Murakami, Hiroyuki Dominant effect of relative tropical Atlantic warming on major hurricane occurrence in the North Atlantic: 2017 and the future. P-B4-06
Nakano, Masuo Genesis of Super Cyclone Pam (2015): Modulation of Low-frequency Large-Scale Circulations and the Madden–Julian Oscillation by Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies P-A1-19
Neale, Richard Hindcast Simulations of the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) in CESM: Assessing the role of regional resolution variations and parameterized physics P-A2-10
Neddermann, Nele-Charlotte Seasonal predictability of European summer climate re-assessed P-B1-23
Newman, Matt Prospects for Year 2 climate forecasts with useful skill P-B2-10
Ng, Ching Ho Justin An Asymmetric Rainfall Response to ENSO in East Asia P-B1-24
Ngarukiyimana, Jean-Paul Seasonal rainfall Modulated by Topography and Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperature in Rwanda. P-C3-07
Ngarukiyimana, Jean-Paul Dominant atmospheric circulation patterns associated P-C3-08
Nowak, Kenneth Sub-seasonal Climate Forecast Rodeo P-A3-19
O'Reilly, Christopher The impact of tropical precipitation on summertime Euro-Atlantic circulation via a circumglobal wave-train P-B1-25
O'Reilly, Christopher Interdecadal variability in seasonal forecast skill of Northern Hemisphere winters over the 20th century P-B3-09
Oh, Ji-Hyun Assessing multi-model subseasonal prediction of winter blocking in East Asia P-A3-20
Osso, Albert Observational evidence of European summer weather patterns predictable from spring P-B1-26
Osso, Albert Impact of air-sea interaction on the NH summertime atmospheric mean state, interannual variability and the monsoon-desert mechanism P-C3-10
Pankatz, Klaus MPI-ESM predictive skill of the PDO on decadal time scales P-B5-07
Paxian, Andreas User needs and user-oriented products for decadal predictions: the MiKlip forecast webpage and the GPCC-DI drought index P-B4-07
Peatman, Simon Impact of air-sea interactions on subseasonal prediction in the 2016 Indian summer monsoon P-A1-20
Pegion, Kathy Performance-based MJO Hindcast Evaluation in SubX P-A1-21
Peña, Malaquias S2S precipitation forecast for Ethiopia’s Water Management P-A4-09
Penland, Cécile On the Skewed Nature of Ensemble Forecasts P-A3-21
Pieper, Patrick Improved Seasonal Predictability of Droughts by Conditioning the Prediction on ENSO P-B3-10
Pohlmann, Holger Influence of CMIP6 Forcing on Historical and Decadal Hindcast Simulations with MPI-ESM P-B2-11
Quinting, Julian On the role of midlatitude warm conveyor belts in shaping MJO-midlatitude teleconnections P-A1-22
Quinting, Julian Representation of synoptic-scale Rossby wave packets in the S2S prediction project database P-A2-11
Raju Attada Cloud Resolving Modeling for Improved S2S Predictability of Arabian Peninsula Winter Rainfall P-A1-08
Recalde, Gloria Evaluation of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on rainfall over the Northwest of South America P-A1-23
Reintges, Annika Wind-Driven Hindcasts with the Kiel Climate Model: Variability and Teleconnections P-B1-27
Renkl, Christoph Downscaling Subseasonal Predictions of Ocean Extremes P-A3-22
Risbey, James Pathways to extratropical skill - Climate Analysis Forecast Ensemble System P-B4-08
Robertson, Andrew Subseasonal predictability of precipitation and temperature over North America and relationships with teleconnection patterns P-A1-24
Robertson, Andrew Subseasonal prediction of the Indian monsoon: Case study over Bihar P-A3-23
Roundy, Paul Demonstration of method of seasonally varying regression slope coefficients to prediction of Corn Belt Region Rainfall P-A3-24
Ruprich-Robert, Yohan Impacts of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability on North American Summer Climate and Heat Waves P-B1-28
Sandery, Paul Coupled data assimilation in climate analysis and forecasting P-B3-11
Sardeshmukh, Prashant Tropical SSTs: The Boon and Bane of S2D predictions P-B2-12
Sardeshmukh, Prashant Lorenz and the nature of subseasonal to decadal predictability P-B6-05
Schepen, Andrew Progress towards fully-calibrated daily forecasts of rainfall and temperature from GCMs P-A3-26
Schepen, Andrew Harnessing dynamical seasonal climate forecasts for agricultural applications in Australia P-A4-10
Solaraju Murali, Balakrishnan Assessing the added value of near-term decadal climate change information for decision making in agricultural sector P-B4-09
Spangehl, Thomas Probabilistic evaluation of decadal predictions using a satellite simulator for SSM/I and SSMIS P-B5-08
Spring, Aaron Variability and predictability of land and ocean carbon sinks assessed in MPI-ESM CO2 emission-driven simulations P-B6-06
Spring, Aaron Impact of initial conditions perturbations on potential decadal predictability of ocean carbon fluxes assessed in MPI-ESM P-B6-07
Strazzo, Sarah Harnessing skill from statistical and dynamical models to improve subseasonal forecasts: A Bayesian approach P-A3-27
Sukumarapillai, Abhilash Role of Enhanced Synoptic Activity and its Interaction with Intra-seasonal oscillations on the lower extended range prediction skill P-A1-25
Sukumarapillai, Abhilash Cyclogenesis Prediction in the Extended Range in a Multi-Model Framework : Application of a New Signal Amplification Technique to Improve Track Prediction. P-A3-28
Sukumarapillai, Abhilash Towards the Development of the CFS based Grand Multi Model Ensemble prediction System and its Improved Skill Realized through Better Spread-Error Relationship P-A3-29
Sun, Lantao Contribution of stratospheric processes to tropospheric predictive skill on subseasonal time scale in NCAR's CESM1 P-A1-26
Sun, Shan Subseasonal Prediction Skill with an Icosahedral, Vertically Quasi-Lagrangian Coupled Model P-A2-12
Sun, Shan Aerosol Impact on Subseasonal Prediction using FIM-Chem-iHYCOM Coupled Model P-A7-01
Sun, Yongqiang Potential Sources for Extended Weather Predictability during NH Winter Season P-A1-27
Takaya, Yuhei Seasonal to multi-annual predictions of Asian summer monsoons using an atmosphere-ocean-sea ice-land coupled model P-B3-12
Tietsche, Steffen Atmospheric and oceanic sinks of Arctic predictability P-B1-29
Tiwari, Pushp Raj On the predictability of precipitation over North India in S2S framework P-A4-11
Tjiputra, Jerry Improved seasonal projection of regional ocean biogeochemical states through Ensemble data assimilation P-B6-08
Tolstykh, Mikhail New version of the long-range forecast system at the Hydrometcentre of Russia P-B5-09
Tolstykh, Mikhail Some results of studying initialization shock and drift in S2S database coupled models P-C1-09
Tozer, Carly Diagnosing the atmospheric mechanisms that influence forecast skill of rainfall extremes P-A1-28
Tseng, Kai-Chih Explaining the consistency of MJO teleconnection patterns with linear Rossby wave theory P-A1-29
Tuinenburg, Obbe Optimizing N:P:K ratios in agricultural fertilizers based on seasonal predictions P-A4-12
Turkington, Thea Use of Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Predictions for Extreme Temperature Forecasts over Singapore and the Surrounding Region P-A3-30
Turkington, Thea S2S-SEA Workshop Series – lessons learnt and moving forward P-A4-13
Vigaud, Nicolas Wintertime weather regimes over North America and their predictability from submonthly reforecasts P-A3-31
Vigaud, Nicolas North American summer heat waves and modulations from the North Atlantic simulated by an AGCM P-B3-13
Villarini, Gabriele On the decadal predictions of flood events across the central United States P-B3-14
Villarini, Gabriele Extending the seasonal predictability of statistical dynamical streamflow forecasts P-B3-15
Vitart, Frederic Extended-range forecasting at ECMWF P-A3-32
Vitart, Frederic The ECMWF land surface scheme and its initialisation in S2S reforecast applications P-A5-03
Vitart, Frederic Sub-seasonal prediction of aerosols fields and impact on meteorology using the ECMWF’s coupled Ensemble Prediction System P-A7-02
Wang, Shuguang Seasonal Noise Versus Subseasonal Signal: Forecasts of California Precipitation During the Unusual Winters of 2015–2016 and 2016–2017 P-A3-33
Wang, Shuguang Prediction of MJO convection in the S2S hindcast dataset P-A3-34
Wang, Xiaochun Evaluating Northwestern Pacific Tropical Storm Density Forecast in the Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project Database P-A3-35
Wang, Zhuo Extratropical Impacts on Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity and the Implications for S2S Prediction and Predictability P-A1-30
Wayand, Nicholas A new Sea Ice Prediction Portal: year-round S2S sea ice forecasting P-B6-09
Weisheimer, Antje Systematic errors in ECMWF’s monthly and seasonal forecasts: The impact of stochastic perturbations in the atmosphere P-A2-13
Weisheimer, Antje How confident are predictability estimates of the winter NAO? P-B5-10
Widlansky, Matthew How predictable are seasonal sea level anomalies? P-B4-10
Wu, Bo EnOI-IAU initialization scheme designed for decadal climate prediction system IAP-DecPreS P-B2-13
Wu, Tongwen Parameters optimization to improve MJO prediction using CMA S2S model P-A2-14
Wulff, Ole Subseasonal prediction of heat waves P-A3-36
Xin, Xiaoge Decadal Prediction Skill of BCC-CSM1.1 Climate Model in East Asia P-B2-14
Xue, Yan Operational Ocean Reanalysis for S2S at NCEP: Upgrading from 1 degree MOM3 GODAS to ¼ degree MOM6 Hybrid-GODAS P-A6-05
Yadav, Ramesh Kumar Relationship between Indian summer monsoon and Atlantic Nino P-C3-11
Yang, Jing Sub-seasonal prediction of extreme temperature over East China: a mid-to-late July prediction barrier P-A3-37
Yang, Rongqian Warm Season Forecast Experiments with Different Treatments on Ground Water and Evaporative Parameterizations in the NCEP Coupled Forecast System P-B2-15
Yoon, Jin-Ho How much surface soil moisture influence precipitation predictability? P-B1-30
Zamora, Ryan Evaluation of downscaled GEOS-5 seasonal forecasts used to improve hydrologic forecasting in the United States P-B4-11
Zhang, Chidong Connection between two S2S Predictability Sources: QBO and MJO P-A1-32
Zhang, Yaocun Sub-seasonal forecast of precipitation over Eastern China in summer monsoon season: Results from BCC_CSM hindcast experiments P-A3-38


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