GOTHAM International Summer SchoolGOTHAM logo
18-22 September 2017
Potsdam, Germany

Organized by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), the GOTHAM Summer School on "Global Teleconnections in the Earth’s Climate System – Processes, Modelling and Advanced Analysis Methods" will train young scientists in a unique combination of interdisciplinary scientific topics and tools relevant for understanding teleconnections and their role in causing extreme weather events. For more information and to register see the summer school website.

SOLAS Workshop 201715-18 May 2017

Cargèse, Corsica, France

Abstract submission for the SOLAS-WCRP-ESA workshop on "Frontiers in ocean-atmosphere exchange: Air sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy" is open with deadline 15 March. SOLAS has recently published a new science plan with five science themes. This workshop will address some of the issues associated with "Theme 2: Air sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy". Further details about the workshop can be found on the workshop website.

SOLAS - Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study
ESA - European Space Agency

SPARC 24th SSG ReportThe 24th SPARC Scientific Steering Group (SSG) meeting was held in Berlin, Germany, from 1-4 November 2016. The meeting followed a one-day science workshop focused on SPARC’s contribution to the WCRP Grand Challenges on 31 October 2016. The resulting report gives an overview of current and new SPARC activities, the current state of partner projects and an update on the looming gap in limb-sounding observations of atmospheric composition. Key discussion points from the WCRP/SPARC Workshop: “Grand Challenges for Climate Science – Synergies between SPARC and the WCRP Grand Challenges” are also listed. Report: 24th Meeting of the SPARC Scientific Steering Group & Local Workshop


PIXABAYicebergs 932963 640The Arctic is witnessing exceptional warmth and – as a result – record low Arctic sea ice volumes for this time of year. Antarctic sea ice extent is also the lowest on record. WCRP Director, David Carlson, talks about record low sea ice conditions to WMO News.

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10-14 July 2017
Columbia University, New York City, NY, USA
Abstract submission and funding request deadline: 28 February 2017

The deadline has been extended to submit your abstract to the International WCRP/IOC Conference on Regional Sea Level Changes and Coastal Impacts. Find out more on the conference website.