The great success of WCRP is directly related to the proactive involvement of climate scientists and effective participation of organizations from around the world. The following are the primary means of partnering with this programme.


Sponsors support WCRP financially or sponsor scientists, core projects and integrative research activities. Many WCRP workshops and meetings are possible thanks to contributions from a variety of sources. Relatively small contributions can make it possible for scientists from developing countries to participate in WCRP regional and international capacity building efforts that would normally be beyond a country’s means. Several countries, recognizing the importance of international collaboration in climate change research, provide essential annual contributions.


Partners contribute to WCRP initiatives by identifying joint scientific priorities, contributing scientific expertise and securing financial resources to conduct join projects. WCRP welcomes the opportunity to form partnerships with private industries, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations, foundations and associations. 

National Academies, Agencies and Climate Committees

WCRP greatly benefits from the active involvement of national agencies and national academies. It is helpful to establish national climate committees as a means of building a truly international network in support of integrated climate research is very helpful. The greatest benefit to all parties involved is the strengthening of complementary research and avoidance of redundant efforts.


WCRP invites and encourages individual scientists to share their ongoing research with the WCRP global secretariat, and to suggest ways to integrate national, regional and international initiatives. The WCRP Joint Scientific Committee, the core projects and the cross-cutting activities welcome proposals for new collaborative activities that support implementation of the WCRP Strategic Framework.

Interested participants

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