26 January 2022

Open Call for membership of the Explaining and Predicting Earth System Change Lighthouse Activity

 Explaining and Predicting Earth System Change Lighthouse Activity

The WCRP Explaining and Predicting Earth System Change Lighthouse Activity invites interested researchers to apply for positions in its Scientific Steering Group and their three Working Groups.

The overarching objective of this Lighthouse Activity is to “design, and take major steps toward delivery of, an integrated capability for quantitative observation, explanation, early warning, and prediction of Earth System change on global and regional scales, with a focus on multi-annual to decadal timescales.” This includes three main themes, which are developed by three Working Groups; the bullet points indicate specific topics of interest to each group:

  • WG1: Observing and modelling Earth system change
  • WG2: Integrated attribution, prediction, and projection
  • WG3: Assessment of current and future hazards

Check on the full call that contains the link for the application form:

Deadline for applications: 15th March 2022.


17 January 2022

In Memoriam Lisa Goddard

We are profoundly saddened to learn of the passing of Dr Lisa Goddard. Our thoughts are with her, family, friends and many colleagues from around the world.
14 January 2022

The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) Survey

we are inviting the community to take part in the “CMIP Community next steps survey”. It is your chance to help us shape the future of CMIP!
10 January 2022

Workshop on Understanding and Modeling Complex Risks in Coupled Human-Environment Systems

The Risk Modeling and Insurance Working Group of the Knowledge Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events (Risk KAN) is organizing a three-day workshop to bring together scientists and practitioners in the field of modeling risk in human and...
Science Highlights
06 January 2022

Latest edition of GEWEX Quarterly online

The latest edition of GEWEX Quarterly is now available on Gewex website:
23 December 2021

New events is the tipping elements, irreversibility, and abrupt change in the Earth System discussion series

The Safe Landing Climates Lighthouse Activity, partnering with AIMES and the Earth Commission, has four exciting discussions planned for early 2022. Join us for talks on the role of permafrost, ice sheets, ocean, and monsoons in tipping elements,...
15 December 2021

2021 Arctic Report Card: Climate change transforming Arctic into ‘dramatically different state’

NOAA’s 2021 Arctic Report Card documents the numerous ways that climate change continues to fundamentally alter this once reliably-frozen region, as increasing heat and the loss of ice drive its transformation into a warmer, less frozen and more...