17 June 2019

WMO/SCAR fellowships for research on the Antarctic

SCAR WMO Fellowship logo WMO launches a joint WMO/SCAR fellowship program for early career scientists from developing nations conducting Antarctic research. The deadline for fellowship applications is 17 July 2019. Click the headline for details.

11 June 2019

WCRP at Research Day of 18th World Meteorological Congress

The 18th World Meteorological Congress' Research Day focused on the world's oceans as well as connections between WMO, WCRP, their partner organizations, climate projections, and policy. Click the headline for details.

28 May 2019

Expert Review of the IPCC AR6 WGI Report's First Order Draft

The IPCC has opened to expert review the first order draft of the Working Group I contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6). Click the headline for details.

20 May 2019

Call for nominations for six WCRP expert panels

WCRP is calling for nominations for membership in six of its expert panels, with a deadline of 20 June 2019. Click the headline for details.

24 April 2019

Open call for membership of the WMO Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP)

The World Meteorological Organization is calling for applications for membership of its proposed Scientific Advisory Panel (deadline of 31 May). Click the headline for details.

10 May 2019

Leaders of 37 UN organizations call for more action on climate change

The heads of 37 United Nations Organizations called on their member states to take concrete action to limit global temperature increase. Click the headline for details.

09 May 2019

Thomas Stocker gives public lecture at WCRP JSC meeting

WCRP and the World Meteorological Organization invited a public science lecture by Professor Thomas Stocker. Click the headline for details.