WCRP has an overarching Joint Scientific Committee (JSC), six Core Projects, six Lighthouse Activities, an Academy, and a number of ongoing activities and fora. These activities are supported by the WCRP Secretariat and a number of international offices and support units.

WCRP structure

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Note: WCRP transitioned to a new structure in 2021. The Advisory Councils WCRP Modelling Advisory Council (WMAC) and the WCRP Data Advisory Council (WDAC) transitioned into a new Core Project on Earth System Modelling and Observations. All of WCRP's working groups and activities primarily concerned with modeling and data (including the Coupled Model Comparison Project (CMIP)) moved into this new Core Project. At the same time, a Regional Information for Society (RIfS) Core Project was launched, which also includes the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX).