PannEx research structurePannEx is a Regional Hydroclimate Project (RHP) undertaken at the regional scale of the Pannonian Basin, under the umbrella of WCRP's Global Energy and Water Exchanges Project (GEWEX). In their newly published article “PannEx: The Pannonian Basin Experiment”, the authors around the PannEx team identified five flagship activities and three cross-cutting actions combining current scientific challenges with related societal needs.

Photo of a forest fireMembers of WCRP's Grand Challenge on Weather and Climate Extremes (GC-Extremes) and co-authors published a Nature Climate Change perspective article on "Future climate risk from compound events". The article is partially based on outcomes of the workshop "Addressing the challenge of compound events" which was held in April 2017 at the ETH Zurich in context of the GC-Extremes. Click the headline for more information.

Fig1 of NPJ article: predictability components time

A new open-access paper in “Nature Partner Journals – Climate and Atmospheric Science” describes how weather and climate scientists work together to improve forecasts for weeks and months ahead. The authors are Annarita Mariotti, Director of the NOAA MAPP Program, as well as Paolo Ruti and Michel Rixen, who coordinate research for the World Weather Research Programme and World Climate Research Programme, respectively.