A paper published this week in Nature Climate Change is the first to quantify and contrast the magnitude and impacts of several prominent marine heatwaves using the same methods and metrics as for atmospheric weather extremes. Click the heading above to learn more.


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A new paper, an outcome of the Young Earth System Scientists—Young Hydrologic Society (YESS-YHS) Workshop in May 2018, presents an early career perspective on major challenges and opportunities that arise in the study, the understanding, and the provision of regional information for climate, weather, and hydrological extreme events. To find out more please click the heading above.

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Nature Climate Change Perspective, 'Taking climate model evaluation to the next level', by Veronika Eyring and others discusses newly developed tools that improve the evaluation of climate models. Advancement in this area is critical for providing the most credible information possible to stakeholders and policy-makers.

Eyring et al. 2019

Figure: Annual mean SST error from the CMIP5 multi-model ensemble. Figure reproduced from Wiley (see Eyring et al., 2019).