Is there a connection between climate change and wildfires? Kevin Trenberth, Senior Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, explains that "Global warming does not cause wildfires ... global warming exacerbates the conditions and raises the risk of wildfire." To find out how this relates to the Earth's energy imbalance, click the headline above.

NASA fires

A satellite image of the Carr Fire in California (NASA.)

The WCRP Global Sea Level Budget Group has published a paper providing a comprehensive 'state of the science' review of global mean sea level from 1993 to present. Click the headline above to find out more.

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PannEx research structurePannEx is a Regional Hydroclimate Project (RHP) undertaken at the regional scale of the Pannonian Basin, under the umbrella of WCRP's Global Energy and Water Exchanges Project (GEWEX). In their newly published article “PannEx: The Pannonian Basin Experiment”, the authors around the PannEx team identified five flagship activities and three cross-cutting actions combining current scientific challenges with related societal needs.