Haitian Village Tropical Storm Hanna: Illustrative Photo for WEF Global Risk Report 2018 The World Economic Forum (WEF) last week published its Global Risks Report 2018, to which both WMO and WCRP had provided input. The Global Risks Reports synthesize expert evaluations on risks threatening at a global scale society, economies, populations, and/or the environment, as well as interconnections and temporal trends. Representatives from WCRP and WMO had participated in a Global Risks Workshop (Geneva, 6 October 2017), the results of which fed into the report. Read more by clicking the headline above.

Surveys in Geophysics Cover PageA special issue of the journal "Surveys in Geophysics" summarizes the outcomes and findings of a workshop convened by WCRP's Grand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation, and Climate Sensitivity. Edited by Robert Pincus, David Winker, Sandrine Bony, and Bjorn Stevens, the overall 17 articles seek to summarize knowledge on, as well as bring together the topics of "Shallow Clouds, Water vapor, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity". Read the preface and all full articles on the special issue's home page at "Surveys in Geophysics".

An article shows that grid point statistics grossly degrades available patterns of information present in multimodel climate projections and consequently inflates uncertainty estimates based on a multimodel ensemble. Find out more by clicking the headline above.