WCRP has three co-sponsors:

National Contributors

WCRP provides resources to hold meetings and workshops on specific high-priority research topics related to the climate system. Funding comes from its co-sponsors, as well as voluntary contributions from certain countries.

In 2016 the countries that provided additional financial support were:

Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States of America

Without these voluntary contributions WCRP would not be able to function effectively. We would like to thank those countries that do make such contributions and to encourage other countries to do so.

In addition to the voluntary contributions to WCRP, we also acknowledge and thank the nations and institutions that host the WCRP Secretariat, Core Project International Project Offices (IPOs) and the IPO of the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX). In 2016 these were:

WCRP Sponsors Map 2016