12-14 September 2009, University of Miami, USA

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Download here the meeting pro-forma that outlines the meeting rationale, objectives, and anticipated outcomes.
Download the agenda here.

Welcome and review of Agenda
Opening Remarks - Martin Visbeck

Climate-system Historical Forecast Project (CHFP)
- Current commitment for participation in CHFP Experiment (Ben Kirtman)
- CHFP Data Server at CIMA (Carolina Vera)
- CHFP Data Server at APCC - (Woo-Jin Lee)

GEWEX and land surface issues
- GLACE2 - The second phase of the Global Land-Atmosphere Coupling Experiment - (Randy Koster)
- The US CLIVAR Working Group on Drought: A Multi-Model Assessment of the Impact of SST Anomalies on Regional Drought (Randy Koster)

SPARC and Stratospheric impacts
- The Stratosphere and Seasonal to Decadal Prediction (Adam Scaife, Sarah Ineson, Jeff Knight and Andrew Marshall)

Cryosphere issues
- Cryosphere Issues (Jens Christensen)

Links to and encouragement of Applications
- Status report on use of and need for research data in seasonal applications (Andy Morse, Cyril Caminade and Anne Jones)

Decadal prediction
- What are the Prospects for Decadal Prediction? (George Boer)
- A Summary of the CMIP5 Experiment Design (Lead authors: Karl E. Taylor Ronald J. Stouffer and Gerald A. Meehl, presented by Tim Stockdale)



University of Miami
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS).

Local Contact

Our local organizer is Ben Kritman



12th Session of the WGSIP



Links to C20C project
- CLIVAR Climate of the 20th Century Project (Adam Scaife, Chris Folland, Jim Kinter and David Fereday)

Ocean observing system
- Determining the impact of TAO on seasnoal prediction skill (Tim Stockdale)
- The Ocean Observing System and seasonal prediction skill (Harry Hendon)

Standard hindcast verification
- Comparison of Scores in Model Comparison (MSSS,COR,RMSE and ROC) (Tomoaki Ose and Yukiko Naruse)
- Preliminary report on verification scores for malaria and the climate drivers DEMETER to ENSEMBLES (Andy Morse, Cyril Caminade and Anne Jones)
- Multi-model standard hindcast verification (Harry Hendon)

Other possible future projects, and linkages with other CLIVAR panels
- MJO Prediction/Diagnostics Activity within CLIVAR, esp AAMP - (Harry Hendon)
- Multi-model operational seasonal forecasts for SADC (Willem A. Landman, Asmerom Beraki, Cobus Olivier and Francois Engelbrecht)
- Linkages between WGSIP and US CLIVAR (David Legler)

Local Presentations

Review of activities around the world

- Seasonal prediction at CPTEC (Paulo Nobre)
- Recent developments in seasonal forecasting at the French NMS (Michel Déqué)
- Predicting global mean annual temperature in ECMWF System 3 (Tim Stockdale)
- Seasonal prediction at CCCma (George Boer)
- MME performance (Woo-Jin Lee)
- IRI seasonal forecast update (Dave DeWitt)
- POAMA summary (Harry Hendon)
- Next NCEP Climate Forecast System (Hua-Lu Pan)
- Research activities in Japan on seasonal forecasts (Tomoaki Ose)
- SAWS update (Willem Landman)
- Predictability of monthly mean: Impact of intialization and lead time (Arun Kumar)
- GloSea4 update (Adam Scaife)
- La Plata Basin research community update  (Carolina Vera)