29-31 July 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

DAY 1 - Thursday 29 July

- Action Items and Recommendations from 12th Session of WGSIP 2009 and key topics of discussion for this meeting (B. Kirtman)
- WCRP/CLIVAR Issues - CLIVAR Imperatives, WCRP restructuring, WCC3 climate services (B. Kirtman)

Climate-system Historical Forecast Project (CHFP)

- Overview (B. Kirtman)
- Archive at CIMA (C. Vera)
- Data Dissimination for CHFP and CMIP5 related developments (F. Doblas-Reyes)

- Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Project Overview  (C. Hulbe)
- Stratospheric Extension to the CHFP - "S-CHFP" and links to WCRP-SPARC  (A. Scaife)
- GLACE-2: Overview, Status and Follow-up initiatives (R. Koster and S. Seneviratne)

Links to TIGGE, Extended Range Forecast and Verification

- Discussion of WWRP development of operational 1-90 prediction capability and interactio with TIGGE (P. Silva Dias)
- Monthly Prediction and Verification  (A. Kumar)
- Global Producing Centers (GPCs) and Extended Forecasts  (A. Kumar)
- Long Range Forecast Verification (F. Doblas-Reyes)



- Action Items
- Meeting Report
- Report on activities at Meteo France (M. Deque and H. Douville)
- Report on activities at the Japan Meteorological Agency (T. Ose)
- Update on IRI Seasonal Forecasting Activities for WGSIP (D. DeWitt)
- Subseasonal to Decadal Prediction at CCCma (W. Merryfield et al.)


wgsip13 photo

13th session of the WGSIP


 DAY 2 - Friday 30 July


- Status report on use of and need for research data in seasonal applications and Experience and progress from recent and ongoing projects  (A. Morse)
- UE call for climate services (F. Doblas-Reyes)
- WGSIP Interaction with the WMO Regional Climate Outlook Fora (RCOFs) - A Southern African Perspective  (W. Landman)
- Regional Climate Downscaling, CORDEX (M. Deque)

Decadal Prediction

- Report on CLIVAR Decadal Prediction (G. Boer)
- Exchange of Decadal Prediction Information ( A. Scaife)

Ocean Observing System

- Ocean observations, data assimilation systems, impact on seasonal and decadal prediction (O. Alves)

WGSIP Linkages

- Recent Progress in Climate Predictions of the Indian Ocean Sector (S. Behera)
- USCLIVAR Decadal Predictability Working Group (DPWG) Report (A. Kumar)
- WCRP Drought Interest Group (DIG) (A. Pirani)

Review of Regional Activities

- Some Long Range Forecast Activities in South Africa (W. Landman)
- Recent S-I Forecast Developments at IRI (D. DeWitt)
- GloSea4 – the new Met Office seasonal forecast system (A. Scaife)
- Report from Japan Meteorological Agency (T. Ose)

DAY 3 - Saturday 31 July


  • CLIVAR/GEWEX Project for La Plata Basin (LPB)/CLARIS-LPB - H. Berbery
  • CORDEX plans for S. America - S. Solman
  • Model biases - R. Mechoso
  • Overview of SIP in S. America - P. Silva Dias
  • Forecast metrics for VAMOS applications - C. Saulo
  • Update of CHFP project & VAMOS Modeling Plan - B. Kirtman
  • Subseasonal Prediction - A. Kumar

Invited Talks

  • Downscaling applications to hydrological models - R Saurral
  • Land-atmosphere coupling - A. Sörensson
  • Climate variability and extremes - F. Robledo
  • Seasonal Forecast at National Meteorological Service of Argentina - L. Aldeco/J.M. Stella