24-26 September 2012, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany

A joint WGCM/WGSIP session was held on 26 September.

For the report of the 15th Session of the WGSIP, click here

Monday 24 September

Round table introductions (All)
- Action items and recommendations from WGSIP 14 meeting (B. Kirtman and A. Scaife)
- Key topics for this meeting (A. Scaife and B. Kirtman)
- JSC outcomes, WDAC, WMAC, WGSIP role in grand challenges (M. Rixen)

Climate-system Historical Forecast Project
- CHFP archive: progress and status (C. Saulo)
- CHFP analysis: activity so far (C. Saulo, B. Kirtman, A. Scaife)
Documenting the archive in a peer reviewed study: results so far, which data, designation of tasks, CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue(All)
- Evolution of CHFP (C. Saulo and F. Doblas-Reyes)
- From the CHFP data server to ESG: the future of public access to seasonal-to-interannual predictions (F. Doblas-Reyes)
- Linking US NMME to CHFP (B. Kirtman)
- CHFP and the regional level, RCOFs (R. K. Kolli, 30 min)

CHFP Subprojects:
- Ice Historical Forecast Project (D. Peterson/A. Scaife)
- Land surface impacts on seasonal forecasts (H. Douville)
- Stratosphere Historical Forecast Project  (A. Butler/A. Scaife)



Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
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Local Contact

Our local organizer is Elisa Manzini

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Joint WGCM-WGSIP meeting


Other Projects:
- WCRP Polar Prediction Project and the links to WCRP's PCPI (T. Jung)
- WMO Lead Centre for MME (A. Kumar)
- WMO Sub-Seasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project (A. Robertson)
- US Seasonal Forecast MME (B. Kirtman)
- SPECS and ECOMS: the EU contribution to s2d climate services (F. Doblas-Reyes)

Data Assimilation:
- Data assimilation for initialized climate prediction (B. Kirtman)
- Discussion: should we have a coordinated data assimilation activity, links to WGOMD and GSOP? (All, G. Danabasoglu)
- The comparison of operational ocean reanalysis (A. Kumar)
- Observing system simulation experiments for the TAO array (A. Kumar)

- Application of climate forecasts to health (A. Morse)
- Applications of global seasonal forecasts (A. Robertson)
- Application of climate forecasts for Africa (W. Landman)
- WMO's Global Framework on Climate Services and other climate services initiatives (A. Robertson)

 Tuesday 25 September

- Application of climate forecasts at ICTP (A. Tompkins)

Review of Regional Activities

- ICTP, A. Tompkins (see above presentation)
- ECMWF, T. Stockdale
- IRI, A. Robertson
- JMA/MRI, T. Yasuda
- JAMSTEC, S. Behera
- METEOFR, H. Douville
- NCEP, A. Kumar
- MPI, W. Mueller
- ETH, S. Seneviratne
- Environment Canada, B. Merryfield
- UKMO, A. Scaife
- RSMAS, B. Kirtman

Decadal Prediction
- DCPP report and CMIP5 decadal hindcast analyses (G. Boer)
- Decadal Forecast Exchange - D. Smith (A. Scaife)
- MIKLIP project (W. Mueller)
Discussion: evolution of decadal predictions - preparation for DAY-3 - what next? (All)

Review of action items (B.Kirtman)
- Forthcoming events and meetings (e.g. 2nd WCRP Workshop on Seasonal Prediction, WGNE Workshop on Systematic Errors in Weather and Climate Models, GODAE/WGNE Workshop on Short- to Medium- Range Coupled Prediction for Atmosphere-Wave-Sea-Ice-Ocean)
- Other issues: eg WGSIP logo
- Membership: rotations off and new members
- Next meeting

Wednesday, September 26 - Joint WGCM-WGSIP Meeting - Decadal Prediction

WGCM-WGSIP Joint Meeting on Decadal Prediction

- Objectives of the joint session (WGCM and WGSIP co-chairs)
- Overview of WGCM (J. Meehl)
- Overview of WGSIP (A. Scaife)
- Decadal prediction: lessons from CMIP5 experimental design (F. Doblas-Reyes)
- Decadal prediction: science highlights and IPCC AR5 (B. Kirtman)
- Joint WGSIP/WGCM implications in WCRP Grand Challenges

- GC1:"Provision of skillful future climate information on regional scales (includes decadal and polar predictability)" (G. Meehl, F. Doblas-Reyes)
- GC4 : "Clouds and climate sensitivity" (S. Bony)

- Ideas for the future (CMIP6 coordinated set of experiments) (inputs from all)