07-08 June 2007, Barcelona, Spain

wgsip guests

For the report of the 11th Session of the WGSIP, click here

Welcome and review of Agenda (T. Stockdale and B. Kirtman (co-chairs, WGSIP))

Brief review of relevant CLIVAR and WCRP activities

- Report from the CLIVAR IPO (A. Pirani)
- Reports from the CLIVAR 2006 SSG (T. Palmer) and the WCRP 2007 JSC (J. Shukla, A. Henderson Sellers)
- Interactions with GEWEX (R. Koster)
- WCRP Model Errors Workshop Report (M. Déqué)
- Report from WGOMD (M. Balmaseda)
-VACS activities (W. Landman)
- VAMOS Modeling Collaboration (P. Nobre and B. Kirtman)

New and proposed WGSIP collaborations

- Decadal prediction experiments, together with WGCM, as proposed by the JSC. (T. Palmer to introduce)
- Definition of reference ocean spin-up for use in basic seasonal forecast experiments (collaboration with Pacific Panel and WGOMD) (M. Balmaseda, Pacific Panel)
- Definition of recommended protocol for testing coupled GCMs in seasonal forecast mode (collaboration with WGNE and WGCM).

Ongoing WGSIP activities

- Understanding forecast skill (B. Kirtman)
- WGSIP Standard hindcast and verification system (T. Ose)
- Tropical cyclones in 20km resolution AMIP Experiments (T. Ose)
- Prediction and predictability of the global atmosphere-ocean system from days to decades (G. Boer)
- Decadal multi-model potential predictability (G. Boer)
- Some lessons from SMIP2? (G. Boer)

Review of Seasonal Prediction Workshop and TFSP experiments

- Review of workshop and its recommendations (B. Kirtman)
- Discussion and decisions on data issues (T. Stockdale)
- Discussion and decisions on additional experimental protocols

Review of national and regional activities

- Developments at IRI (B. DeWitt)
- Developments at NCEP (H.-L. Pan)
- CCSM3.0 Predictability Experiments (B. Kirtman)
- Developments at BMRC (G. Wang)
- Developments at FRCGC (T. Ose)
- Developments at CPTEC (P. Nobre)

Action items and organization of future activities (T. Stockdale and B. Kirtman)

- Review of action items from last meeting
- Future WGSIP work related to applications (A. Morse)
- Agreement on overall work plan, including new topics and continuation of existing activities
- Action items for the coming year
- Membership changes
- Possible dates and places for next WGSIP session.