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Here we list the main steps that we have undertaken to develop the WCRP Implementation Plan:

August 2020

In early August a call was sent out to WCRP core activities to ask them to nominate representatives to serve as regional focal points for a series of WCRP Virtual Town Halls and to serve on Lighthouse Activity science teams. On 13 August 2020, a meeting was held to plan the process of developing the outline of the WCRP Academy (Lighthouse Activity). 

13 July 2020

The JSC-41 Report and accompanying slide presentation on the proposed new structure of WCRP is shared with JSC-41 participants.

9 — 22 July 2020

From the 9— 22 May 2020 a series of teleconferences were held with the JSC leadership and WCRP core activities to plan the way forward for implementing a proposed new structure and new science activities for WCRP.

18 — 22 May 2020

From the 18— 22 May 2020 the 41st Session of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) was held online. Discussions during the week included consultation over a proposed new WCRP structure and associated elements, including proposed Lighthouse Activities that originated from the Hamburg Workshop in February 2020.

March to May 2020

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) a WCRP Structure and Elements Workshop planned for March was canceled. In its place, the JSC Chair Detlef Stammer and Vice-Chair Helen Cleugh, together with the JSC Officers, held a number of consultation calls with core activities across WCRP. 

24 — 26 February 2020

The WCRP High-level Science Questions and Flagship Workshop was held in Hamburg, Germany. Representatives of the WCRP science community gathered together to identify the most essential scientific directions for the Programme in the next decade. This resulted in 5 proposed Lighthouse activities. See the Hamburg Report.