We have already soft-launched the Implementation Plan, with a 2-year timeline to transition us from where we are in early 2020 to a new WCRP structure in full operation by late 2022.


We will focus on consultations, to explain and get feedback on our proposed new structure and elements, and to review all existing activities – like our Core Projects.

2020 - June 2021

We will be:

  • Signing off (deciding) on the new WCRP homes and establishing these
  • Co-designing and initiating the WCRP Lighthouse Activities
  • Starting to transition out of those projects, activities, and structures that are will be retired

In 2021 we will begin to sunset the WCRP Grand Challenges and associated activities. By June 2021 we envision that the new WCRP will be in place.

June 2021 - December 2022

We will refine and improve the new WCRP, and envision that it will be fully operational by late 2022.

NOTE: The Implementation Plan is not a set and forget document; rather it is a living plan that will be written over the next 1-2 years, and continuously updated.