WCRP High-level Science Questions and Flagship Workshop

24 — 26 February 2020 | Hamburg, Germany

Kindly hosted by the Excellence Cluster of Climate, Climatic Change and Society (CLICCS), Universität Hamburg, and its partners.

As part of the implementation of the WCRP Strategic Plan 2019-2028, representatives from across the WCRP community and key members of the wider science community were invited to attend a workshop to identify the most essential scientific directions for the Programme in the next decade. 

The workshop discussed: 

What are the one, two or three major steps that need to be taken by WCRP, if they exist, to make progress toward reaching the new WCRP mission and objectives in support of society?

More specifically this entails:

  • What are the top three overarching developments that can revolutionize our insight into the climate system and solve many societal challenges ahead of us?
  • Is there one experiment that needs to be performed jointly by the international community that cannot be done by individuals because it is too big, but that needs to be performed to make progress? Which question would it solve?
  • Is there a single major infrastructure required to make this progress?

In the end, a community consensus needs to be reached regarding the science challenges and steps required to meet them. The output of this first workshop will be the input for a second WCRP Elements Workshop to be held in March 2020, which will help to determine the future structure of WCRP.


WCRP High-level Science Questions and Flagship Workshop Report (PDF, 837 KB)

Summary slides (Powerpoint Slides (.pptx)PDF)


Universität Hamburg: Map and directions

Public Transport (pdf)

Logistical Infomation (including recommended Hotels) (pdf)

Attendance is by invite only.

Hamburg Workshop Participants

Participants of the WCRP Flagship Workshop (Photo: CLICCS). See the associated news item.


Hamburg. Photo: by liggraphy from Pixabay