CORA interacts across all WCRP bodies: the Core Projects and their International Project Offices (IPOs), the Working Groups and Grand Challenges, the Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) and the Joint Planning Staff (JPS).

Since CORA is jointly hosted by two institutions, it was agreed that a division of work along thematic strengths, geographical focus and the complementary expertise between GERICS and BCCR would allow for more effective coordination. Thus, a lead institute was identified for each WCRP activity, as follows:

WCRP activities
is lead responsible for:
is lead responsible for:
Core Projects
& IPOs
Working Groups
  • Subseasonal to Interdecadal Prediction (WGSIP)
  • Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Prediction (S2S)
  • Decadal Climate Prediction Project (DCPP)
  • Coupled Modelling (WGCM)
  • Numerical Experimentation (WGNE)
Grand Challenges
  • Melting Ice and global consequences
  • Clouds, circulation and climate sensitivity
  • Carbon feedbacks in the climate system
  • Near-term climate prediction
  • Water for the food baskets of the world
  • Regional sea level changes and coastal impacts
  • Weather and climate extremes
North America, Asia, Oceania, Poles
Africa, Europe, South America, Tropics
WCRP Regional Activities Database – Under construction

CORA is currently putting together an interactive, on-line database with information on past and on-going WCRP regional activities. The database will help identifying regions for potential future activities. A first version will be available in the beginning of 2020.

The WCRP Task Team on Regional Activities (TTRA)

To implement structures for activities on climate information for regions within the WCRP implementation plan, a limited lifetime task team was called for during the 40th Session of WCRP’s JSC.

The purpose of this team is 1) to co-develop a concrete plan among the existing WCRP activities, and 2) to recommend future structures dealing with climate information for regions; how they will intersect with each other and within WCRP core activities while each pursuing its unique role. The task team is formed with representatives of the following groups: CORDEX, WGRC, GC Extremes, JSC and CORA.

TTRA – Terms of Reference

(1) Through consultation, make recommendations or suggestions with regard to research that enhances on the relevance and use of climate science and information for climate services and decision-making at the regional and national levels.

(2) Co-develop, with the existing WCRP regional climate information activities, a concrete work plan for the next two years, including that for CORA.

(3) Co-develop required structures and elements for the WCRP implementation plan that will empower the WCRP to address its research priorities on climate information for regions.


  • CORDEX: Daniela Jacob & Silvina Solman (co-chairs SAT)
  • Working Group on Regional Climates: Clare Goodess & Bruce Hewitson (co-chairs)
  • Grand Challenge Weather and Climate Extremes: Xuebin Zhang, Lisa Alexander, Sonia Seneviratne & Gabi Hegerl (co-chairs)
  • Joint Scientific Committee representatives: Jens H. Christensen, Ken Takahashi, Krishna Raghavan
  • CORA: Beatriz Balino (science coordinator)
  • IPO directors: Irene Lake (CORDEX), Peter van Oevelen (GEWEX), Jose Santos (CLIVAR), Gwen Hamon (CliC), Mareike  Kenntner (SPARC)