Current cycle of WGSIP projects (2019-2024):

Ongoing WGSIP projects:

NOTE: In 2017 the Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction (WGSIP) changed its name to the Working Group on Subseasonal to Interdecadal Prediction (WGSIP). Where you see the older name used, it is to preserve the name as used in pre-2017 projects.

Researchers willing to propose new WGSIP projects can submit their ideas for consideration and endorsement:

  1. Proposer provides a concept note to WGSIP (max 4 pages) via any WGSIP member
  2. WGSIP members vote on endorsement of the project following an evaluation period (2 months unless otherwise stated)
  3. One WGSIP member is designated to oversee and report on the project