The 21st Session of the WCRP Working Group on Subseasonal to Interdecadal Prediction (WGSIP) was held at the Institute of Numerical Mathematics (INM) of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS) in Moscow, Russia, from 29-31 May 2019. To find out more about proceedings, click the header above.

21st Session of WGSIP

The WCRP Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) provides valuable multi-model climate simulations and projections that benefit many stakeholders. The Project has now reached a stage where certain components and activities require sustained institutional support for it to meet the growing expectation to support climate services, policy, and decision-making. A new resolution was just passed at the 18th World Meteorological Congress that should aid in better supporting CMIP. To find out more, click the header above.