Nominations for 2022 are now closed. We thanks all applicants for taking the time to apply and for their interest in My Climate Risk.

A final decision on membership of the My Climate Risk Scientific Steering Group will be approved by the WCRP Joint Scientific Commitee at their annual session and all applicants will be advised in mid-July whether or not they were successful. 

The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Lighthouse Activities are designed to be ambitious and transdisciplinary (integrating across WCRP and collaborating with partners) so that they can rapidly advance some of the new science, technologies, and institutional frameworks that are needed to more effectively manage climate risk and meet society’s urgent need for robust and actionable climate information.

This call is an invitation for the community to directly take part in the activities of the My Climate Risk (MCR) Lighthouse Activity.

MCR aims to develop and mainstream a ‘bottom-up’ approach to regional climate risk, which starts with the requirements of decision-makers. This vision has recently been articulated by MCR co-Chairs Regina Rodrigues and Ted Shepherd in a Perspective in the inaugural issue of PNAS Nexus. By developing a new framework for assessing and explaining regional climate risk using all the available sources of climate information (observations, reanalyses, model simulations, better understanding, etc.), climate information will be made meaningful at the local scale. Whilst any application of the framework will inevitably be specific and tailored to local concerns, the framework itself will be generic, hence flexible and applicable across a number of region types and intended to become much-needed support for the development of climate services. At the same time, MCR can identify needs to be addressed by the WCRP Core Projects and other Lighthouse Activities.

To facilitate the desired ‘bottom-up’ approach, My Climate Risk will be implemented in a non-hierarchical way through an informal ecosystem of regional hubs. Together, the regional hubs will support a ‘mycorrhizal network’ of communities of practice, sharing knowledge and resources. Regional hubs need to be anchored in an existing locally-based institution with a commitment to the principles of MCR, to ensure long-term continuity and local engagement. Representatives of the hubs, together with a Scientific Steering Group (who are responsible for reporting to the WCRP) and Ex-Officio members (who are responsible for liaison with international partners, both within and outside WCRP) will together constitute a General Assembly, providing connection points between the hubs and the relevant expertise that exists in the wider climate science community. More information on the MCR Structure and Membership is available here.

The WCRP My Climate Risk Lighthouse Activity invites interested researchers to nominate themselves for its Scientific Steering Group (SSG), to augment the current SSG membership. SSG members are responsible for the overall scientific direction of the activity, moving the activity forward with concrete actions, funding/resource allocation, and reporting to the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC). We currently seek new members from all continents except Europe (which is already well represented). We especially welcome new members from the Global South, and who are willing to help develop the network of regional hubs.

Time commitment

All meetings of the SSG are expected to be online, to reduce travel demands. The main meeting will be an annual General Assembly (see above), although shorter meetings may occur on an ad hoc basis as required. Some out-of-hours work may be required due to time zone coordination. SSG members are expected to help grow MCR, e.g. by engaging with regional hubs, organizing workshops or special issues of journals, or developing training materials.


These are not paid roles.

My Climate Risk Structure and Membership

Please see our draft Structure and Membership document.

How to apply

This call is now closed.

Please contact Narelle (WCRP Secretariat) should you have any questions (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).