36th Session of WCRP Joint Scientific Committee

8-10 April 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

JSC-36 Agenda Outline for Meeting Sessions, a more detailed agenda can be downloaded here.

The draft version of the Action Items can be downloaded here.

  Wednesday 8 April Thursday 9 April Friday 10 April

WCRP Welcome, Introductions, Chair's vision and charges, business and financial report, communication and outreach strategy



WCRP Vision

(G. Brasseur)


(D. Carlson)

WCRP CO Strategy

(R. Boscolo)

WCRP Core Project Reports 
(short crisp reports)


Parallel Working Sessions: Science


  1. Decadal across WCRP (summary)
  2. Climate Information (summary)


  Coffee / tea break

Sponsors & Partners Reports:


  • WMO (J. Lengoasa)
  • IOC (V. Ryabinin)
  • ICSU (H. Hackmann)
  • IGBP (S. Seitzinger)
  • GCOS (C. Richter)
  • GEO (B. Ryan)

WGs Reports + Affiliates
(short crisp reports)


 Planary wrap-up session



  Lunch break

Grand Challenges Reports
(short crisp reports on progress and issues)



Clouds & Circulation (B. Stevens)

Water Availability (P. vOeveland)

Extreme Events (X. Zhang)

Sea Level (D. Stammer)

Melting Ice (G. Flato)

Regional Info (C. Goodess)

Parallel Working Sessions: Science


  1. Urban Issues (summary)
  2. Planet Data Initiative (summary)




WMAC parallel (Salle 7 Jura)



JSC Session



  Coffee / tea break

Connections / Integrations
(focusing on Grand Challenges)

Parallel Working Sessions: Science


  1.  Funding and Structure (summary)
  2. Capacity Building (summary)




WMAC parallel (Salle 7 Jura)