12-14 September 2011, Trieste, Italy

The 14th session of WGSIP will be hold in parallel to the ICTP Summer School on Climate Impacts Modelling for Developing Countries: Water, Agriculture and Health and the 1st QWECI Project Workshop. There will be a joint session on 14 September on "Sectorial Seasonal to Decadal Prediction in Africa".

- Action Items and Recommendations from 12th Session of WGSIP 2009 and key topics of discussion for this meeting - B. Kirtman, A. Scaife
- WCRP/CLIVAR Reports (B. Molinari)
WGSIP contribution to AR5 - B. Kirtman, A. Scaife

Climate-system Historical Forecast Project (CHFP)

- Overview and status of results - B. Kirtman
- CHFP Archive at CIMA (C. Saulo)
- Evolution of CHFP data archival and distribution - F. Doblas-Reyes

- Cryosphere- HFP - D. Peterson (A. Scaife)
- Seasonal atmospheric response to Arctic sea ice loss: mechanisms and outstanding issues - C. Deser
Stratospheric-HFP - A. Scaife
- GLACE-2 and soil moisture memory characteristics - S. Seneviratne
- Nudging as a diagnostic tool for a better understanding of seasonal variability and predictability (H. Douville)

Decadal Prediction

- CMIP5 Decadal Prediction - G. Boer
- Real-time Decadal Forecast Exchange - A. Scaife
- USCLIVAR Decadal Predictability Working Group (DPWG) Report (A. Kumar)

- Role of solar variability in surface climate prediction - Katja Matthes, A. Scaife
- Energy transport in the coupled system: Variability and compensation at different timescales - R. Farneti



Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)

Relevant documents

Ice Initialization: A WGSIP Project - K. Andrew Peterson


 wgsip14 italy


14th session of the WGSIP


DAY 2 - Tuesday 13 September

Review of Regional Activities

- Multi-model ensemble forecasts in S. Africa (W. Landman)
- Seasonal prediction at MRI - T. Yasuda
- Indian Ocean Prediction - S. Behera
- Update from the Indian Insititute of Tropical Meteorology - S. Rao
- Monsoon teleconnections between Africa and India - F. Kucharski

Ocean Observing System

- Ocean observations, data assimilation systems, impact on seasonal and decadal prediction - O. Alves
- Variability of heat transport in the North Pacific using the latest ECMWF ocean re-analysis made with the new 3D-var system (NEMOVAR) (and interactions with the CLIVAR Pacific Implementation Panel) - F. Molteni

Links to TIGGE, Extended Range Forecasts and Verification>

- Extended Range/Monthly Predictions (A. Kumar)
- Long Range Forecast Verification - F. Doblas-Reyes
- The Climate Modelling User Group (CMUG) of ESA's Climate Change Initiative - P. van der Linden

Applications and Climate Services

- Status report on use of and need for research data in seasonal applications - A. Morse
- WGSIP Interaction with the WMO Regional Climate Outlook Fora (RCOFs) (W. Landman)
- Consideration of Large-scale irrigation in regional hydroclimate models - S. Sorooshian

DAY 3 - Wednesday 14 September

WGSIP Business

- WGSIP contribution to AR5
- WCRP and CLIVAR evolution
- Action Items
- Membership
- Next meeting

ICTP Summer School on Climate impacts modelling for developing countries: Water, Agriculture and Health -
WGSIP Invited Talks

- State of the art of seasonal to decadal Prediction (A. Scaife)
- IRI Sectoral Activities and Associated Climate Research in Africa (D. DeWitt)
- Operational Seasonal Forecast System Development in South Africa (W. Landman)

Joint WGSIP-QWECI meeting: Sectorial Seasonal to Decadal Prediction in Africa

- Decadal climate forecasting: an introduction and an illustration for West Africa - F. Doblas Reyes and J. GarcĂ­a-Serrano
- Climate change and health in the developing world - D. Taylor
- Systematic rainfall biases in ECMWF system 3 seasonal forecasting system over West Africa - A. Tompkins and L. Feudale
- The NEW ECMWF system 4 seasonal forecasting system - F. Molteni
- REGCM downscaled seasonal forecasts: A case study from Eastern Africa and preliminary results for QWeCI target regions - G. Tefera Diro and A. Tompkins