Public consultation on the draft WCRP Strategic Plan took place from 11 June until 31 August 2018. There were two questions asked:

  1. Please comment on the WCRP Strategic Plan.
  2. How can WCRP support/facilitate the research programs sponsored/developed by your organization, and how do you see your organization’s future interactions with WCRP?

Question 1: comments were responded to by members of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee as part of the Strategic Plan development process. These comments and responses are provided below.

Question 1: Comments on the WCRP Strategic Plan 2019-2028 (Excel, PDF)

Note that the Excel spreadsheet has two tabs, one for comments received online and one for those received by email. In several cases, respondents submitted similar comments online and by email and these are listed in both categories. All comments are listed anonymously. In a few cases, extensive reports were distilled down to their key comments. If you require any clarification, please contact us. 

Question 2: comments will be considered as part of the WCRP Implementation Plan development process, beginning in 2019.

Please contact Narelle van der Wel with any questions or comments on the WCRP Strategic Plan.