The WCRP Strategic Plan 2019-2029 outlines the strategic direction of WCRP in the next decade, ensuring that fundamental research is supported and that the climate information required by society to make decisions when planning for and responding to climate variability and change is available and accessible to all.

The WCRP Strategic Plan will be accompanied by a WCRP Implementation Plan. The WCRP Implementation Plan (currently in preparation) will outline how the Strategic Plan will be achieved - a road map for the transition to a Programme that is equipped to meet the ongoing challenges of the future. Please note that the WCRP Strategic Plan addresses long-term, high-level goals. The possible new structure of WCRP and other detailed organizational issues are still under discussion and will be outlined in the WCRP Implementation Plan. 

The WCRP Strategic Plan Public Consultation took place from 11 June until 31 August 2018The comments form is now closed. 

Please contact Narelle van der Wel or Michel Rixen with any questions or comments on the WCRP Strategic Plan.