24-26 September 2012, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany

A joint WGCM/WGSIP session was held on 26 September.

For the report of the 16th Session of the WGCM, click here

Monday, September 24

0900 - 0920 - Opening
Welcome, meeting objectives, new WGCM members, agenda (G. Meehl, S. Bony)
Logistics (M. Giorgetta)

0920 - 1000 - WCRP updates (10 minutes each)
Report from JSC-33 (G. Flato)
WCRP Data Advisory Council (M. Rixen)
WCRP Modeling Advisory Council (J. Mitchell)
WCRP Grand Challenge on Clouds and Climate Sensitivity (S. Bony)

1000 - 1030 - IPCC AR5 (10 minutes each)
Issues raised by Chapter 9 (G. Flato, J. Marotzke)
Issues raised by other chapters (TBD)
Discussion : how to improve communication about model adjustments and tuning?

1030-1100 - Coffee break

1100 - 1200 - CMIP5
CMIP5 Workshop (G. Meehl)
Status of model outputs, documentation, ESGF, publications (K. Taylor)
Discussion : how should the ESGF governance evolve?

1200 - 1230 - Obs4MIPs and Metrics Panel (10 minutes each)
Obs4MIPs (P. Gleckler)
Metrics panel (P. Gleckler)
Discussion: what role for WGCM in Obs4MIPs and in the Metrics Panel?

1230 - 1350 - Lunch

1350 - 1530 - MIPs and working groups associated with CMIP5
What have we learned? Issues? Plans for synthesis papers? (15 min, incl questions)
NB: Decadal prediction addressed in WGCM-WGSIP joint meeting

CFMIP (S. Bony)
Transpose-AMIP (C. Senior)
PMIP (P. Braconnot)
CORDEX (C. Jones)
WGOMD (G. Danabasoglu)
Discussion: interactions among the MIPs : gaps? opportunities?

1530 - 1600 - Coffee break

1600 - 1730 - MIPs and working groups associated with CMIP5 (continued)

C4MIP (N. Mahowald, P. Friedlingstein)
SPARC-CCMVal (V. Eyring)
SPARC-DynVar (E. Manzini)
GeoMIP (K. Taylor)
IDAG (C. Tebaldi/G. Meehl)
SSP process (D. van Vuuren)

1730 - 1800 - Recap of the day



Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
Bundesstraße 53, 20146 Hamburg, Germany

Local Contact

Our local organizer is Elisa Manzini

(contact details no longer available)



WGCM and guests during the 16th Session



joint WGCM-WGSIP meeting


Tuesday, September 25

0900 - 0915 Review previous day and outline agenda for the day (G. Meehl and S. Bony)

0915 - 1030 Reports on status of CMIP5 national activities
Your experience of CMIP5: successes, difficulties, plans, recommendations for the future, science gaps and new questions that have emerged, related to how to formulate a possible CMIP6? (15 minutes, incl. questions)

Germany, MPI (M. Giorgetta, B. Stevens)
UK Met Office-Hadley Centre (C. Senior)
France, IPSL; Météo France (P. Braconnot, S. Bony)
EC-Earth (C. Jones)
Italy, CMCC (A. Bellucci )

1030 - 1100 - Coffee break

11:00 - 12:30

USA, GFDL (R. Stouffer)
USA, NCAR (G. Meehl)
Japan, AORI/U. Tokyo/JAMSTEC/NIES; MRI (M. Kawamiya)
China, LASG; BCC (B. Wang)
Australia, ACCESS (T. Hirst)
Canada (G. Flato)

1230 - 1400 - Lunch

1400 - 1530 Discussion: (1) lessons from CMIP5 and related activities ?
CMIP5 Early Assessment (R. Stouffer)

Logistical issues : ESGF, CMIP5 format, documentation, etc
Experimental design of CMIP5 : benefit, cost, idealized vs realistic expts, socio-economic scenarios, etc
Science : key lessons from CMIP5? what implications for the future?
What about CMIP6? What should it look like? What about new scenarios? (N. Nakicenovic)

1530 - 1600 - Coffee break

1600 - 1700 Discussion: (2) how to promote and synthesize CMIP5 science?"

Synthesis papers: why? how? when? where?
Should WGCM (eventually with others) organize a regular model analysis workshop (e.g. like the CMIP5 model analysis workshop)? If so, how often?
How to get/organize feedback from CMIP5 analysts to modeling groups?

1700 - 1730: Clouds and Climate Sensitivity: grand ideas for the Grand Challenge? Comments on the white paper.

1730 - 1800 - WGCM business

Workshop (model tuning?)
Next meeting: joint with IGBP/AIMES?

19:00 Joint WGCM and WGSIP workshop dinner hosted by MPI-M

Wednesday, September 26 - Joint WGCM-WGSIP Meeting - Decadal Prediction

09:00 WGCM-WGSIP Joint Meeting on Decadal Prediction

- Objectives of the joint session (WGCM and WGSIP co-chairs)
- Overview of WGCM (J. Meehl) (20 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A)
- Overview of WGSIP (A. Scaife) (20 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A)
- Decadal prediction: lessons from CMIP5 experimental design (F. Doblas-Reyes)

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

- Decadal prediction: science highlights and IPCC AR5 (B. Kirtman)
- Joint WGSIP/WGCM implications in WCRP Grand Challenges

GC1:"Provision of skillful future climate information on regional scales (includes decadal and polar predictability)" (G. Meehl, F. Doblas-Reyes)
GC4 : "Clouds and climate sensitivity" (S. Bony)

- Ideas for the future (CMIP6 coordinated set of experiments) (inputs from all)

12:30 Lunch

15:00 Meeting Ends