Tipping Elements, Irreversibility and Abrupt Change - Permafrost

The third event in the discussion series on tipping elements focused on permafrost and took place on 17 January 2022, 16:00-17:30 CET.

It included two excellent talks:

  • An update on permafrost tipping – Hanne Hvidtfeld Christiansen
  • Model insight on permafrost change  - Gustaf Hugelius

The video recording and the slides from the talks are now available on our event site..

GEWEX Pan-Gass meeting

The GEWEX Global Atmospheric System Studies Panel (GASS) will hold its 3rd Pan-GASS Meeting, Understanding and Modeling Atmospheric Processes (UMAP 2022) in Monterey, CA, USA, from 25-29 July 2022. The program will include all aspects and methods of model development from deterministic numerics to stochastic forcing; process modeling to parametrization; observational constraints to diagnostic techniques; and idealized modeling to operational forecasting and climate predictions. The purpose of the conference is to discuss progress in understanding atmospheric processes and representing them in models, to coordinate current initiatives and make plans for the future.

31 January 2022 (midnight GMT) is the deadline for:

  • abstract submission
  • requests for travel support
  • applying to the DYAMOND and DOE-ARM competitions

To know more about the 3rd PAN-GASS meeting, click here