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Monsoons have always been a focus of great interest to WCRP, and this was further enhanced with the efforts of its core projects CLIVAR and GEWEX under a joint Monsoons Panel.

Recognizing the broader interest of the Monsoon Mission activities to the WCRP community, the CLIVAR/GEWEX Monsoons Panel has coordinated a special issue of CLIVAR Exchanges on India’s Monsoon Mission, with Dr M.N. Rajeevan as the Guest Editor.  This issue showcases 12 articles highlighting the results achieved so far


Two new job openings are available in the WCRP Secretariat:

  • Science Officer (P3) : To know more, click here
    Deadline for application : 23 December 2020
  • Science and Communications Officer (P3): To know more, click here
    Deadline for application: 22 December 2020

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Mike Sparrow We are delighted to announce that Dr. Mike Sparrow has been appointed as Head of the WCRP Secretariat and Head of the World Climate Research Division, Science and Innovation Department, WMO. To read more, click the heading above.

A recent study published in Nature shows that under greenhouse warming the trajectories of El Niño response are organized by an El Niño self-modulation mechanism. To read more, click the heading above.

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WCRP is happy to welcome two new WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) members. Both Maria Ivanova and Roberto Sánchez Rodríguez come from a social sciences background and will bring unique and important perspectives to WCRP.

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