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Goal of the MIP and a brief overview

ISI-MIP aims to establish a long-term, community-driven process of cross-sectoral climate-impact model intercomparison and evaluation.

ISI-MIP was launched in 2012 with the ISI-MIP Fast Track, which brought together over 30 impact models and came to a successful end in January, 2013.  The focus of this first phase was future projections of global impacts for multiple impact sectors (agriculture, water, biomes, malaria and coastal infrastructure) based on CMIP5 GCM simulations, and the results were cited widely in the fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC.

ISI-MIP2 was launched in May 2013, and includes additional sectors (permafrost, energy and fisheries), as well including regional models.  Over 100 impact models have registered to participate and simulations have now begun.  The scenarios for ISI-MIP2 were chosen to enable evaluation of the representation of the impacts of extreme weather events, which will in turn be used as a basis for model improvement.




  • Technical introduction to special issue of PNAS, where the ISI-MIP Fast Track results were described in 11 papers:
  • Warszawski, L., et al. The Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISI-MIP): Project framework. PNAS, 111, 9, 3228-3232, 2013.

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