44th Session of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC-44)

08 - 11 May 2023 (all);  12 May 2023 (JSC/WCRP Secretariat only)

All times in the below agenda are quoted in Central European Summer Time (CEST). Please see e.g. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html for the respective times in your area.


  • Draft agenda (.pdf as of March 27,2023)
  • Reporting template (.docx as of March 8, 2023
  • In order to assist the discussions at the JSC Session, please use the template for your presentations. If you prefer your own template, please feel free to use it and copy over the slide outlines.
Day 1: 8 May 2023, 09:00–18:00 CEST
Session Overview
Chairs: D. Stammer and P. Braconnot; Rapporteurs: N. Van der Wel & H. Palanisamy
1. JSC Opening Session [90 min.]
  • Opening and Goal of JSC-44 from JSC Chair and Vice-Chair [15 min.] (D. Stammer, P. Braconnot)
  • Welcome and comments from Co-sponsors [up to 15 min. each] P. Taalas (WMO), S. Orico (ISC), K. Isensee on behalf of V. Ryabinin (IOC)
  • Welcome from Directors of Belgian Climate Centre [10 min.] (V. Trouet and E. Jamsin)
  • Statement from Brussels: European Commission, (P. Tulkens) and JPI-Climate (P. Manderscheid) [10 min.]
  • Welcome on behalf of WCRP Secretariat and guidelines for participants and logistics of JSC-44 [5 min.] (M. Sparrow)
  • Approval of Agenda [5 min.] (D.Stammer, P. Braconnot)

2. Strategic initiatives and Issues: Update and Discussion Part 1 [150 mins]

2.1 New and emerging science issues [30 min.] (D.Stammer, P. Braconnot)

Coffee/Tea Break at 11:00 - 11:30

2.2 Reports from WCRP Task Teams [3 x 30 min.; 15 min. presentation & 15 min discussion]

  • Global Precipitation Experiment (GPEX) (X. Zeng)
  • Cycles and Budgets (J. Polcher)
  • Climate Intervention (J. Hurrell)
13:00-14h00 Lunch

Strategic initiatives and issues: Update and Discussion Part 2 [90min.]

2.3 Future of Climate Modelling [30 min.] (C. Senior, P. Forster, V. Naik, B. Stevens, C. Hohenegger)

2.4 Future of CMIP: CMIP7 [30 min.] (H. Hewitt)

2.5 Future plans of CORDEX [30 min.] (S. Solman, D. Jacob)

 15:30-16h00 Coffee / Tea Break 

3. Presentations and discussion of WCRP core activities (Core Projects) (Part 1) [120 mins]

3.1 Earth System Modelling and Observation (ESMO) Core Project [45 min.] (S. Tegtmeier, C. Senior)

 3.2 Regional Information for Society (RIfS) (including Global Extremes Platform) [45 min.] (B. Hewitson, S. Solman, S. Pryor)

3.3 Discussion [30 min.]

  18:00  Icebreaker
Day 2: 9 May 2023, 09:00–18:00 CEST
Session Overview
Chairs: D. Stammer and P. Braconnot; Rapporteurs: N. Caltabiano and H. Palanisamy
3. Presentations and discussion of WCRP core activities (Core Projects) (Part 2) [240 min.]
3.4 Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) [45 min.] (A. Lovecraft and E. Hanna)
3.5 Climate and Ocean Variability, Predictability and Change (CLIVAR) [45 min.] (S. Legg and F. Engelbrecht)
Coffee/Tea Break at 10:30 - 11:00

3.6. Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX) [45 min.] (J. Polcher and X. Zeng)

3.7 Stratosphere-troposphere Processes and their Role in Climate (SPARC) Core Project [45 min.] (A. Maycock, K. Rosenlof, and Seok-Woo Son)

3.8 Discussion [45 min.]

13:00-14h00 Lunch

3. Presentations and Discussion of WCRP core activities (Lighthouse Activities) (Part 3) [120 min.]

3.9 Explaining and Predicting Earth System Change [30 min.] (K. Findell and R. Sutton)

3.10 Safe Landing Climates Lighthouse Activity [30 min.] (G. Hegerl and S. Sherwood)

3.11 My Climate Risk Lighthouse Activity [30 min.] (R. Rodrigues and T. Shepherd)

3.12 Digital Earths Lighthouse Activity [30 min.] (A. Gettelman and C. Jakob)


 16:00-16h30 Coffee / Tea Break 

4. Partner interaction (Part 1) [90 mins] 

4.1 Engagement with Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) [30 min] (C Hewitt)

4.2 Engagement with IPCC [60 mins] (D Stammer, P. Braconnot, IPCC WG1 - 3 co-chairs)
IPCC WGs – WCRP Collaborations (IPCC WG co-chairs)

   Working Dinners
Day 3: 10 May 2023, 09:00–18:00 CEST
Session Overview
Chairs: D. Stammer and P. Braconnot, H. Cleugh; Rapporteurs: N. Van der Wel and N. Caltabiano 
5. Connections between Core Projects (CPs) and Lighthouse Activities (LHAs)

5.1 Introduction: Plenary 30min. (D. Stammer, P. Braconnot)

5.2 1st Breakout Sessions between CP and LHAs

Coffee/Tea Break at 11:00 - 11:30

5.3 2nd Breakout Sessions between CP and LHAs

13:00-14h00 Lunch

5.4 Plenary: Reporting from Breakout Sessions. [60 min.]

5.5 WCRP Academy Lighthouse Activity [60 min.] (C. Lennard ++)

 16:00-16h30 Coffee / Tea Break 

6. WCRP Implementation Plan [90 mins]  (D. Stammer, P. Braconnot, H. Cleugh)

  • Progress with regards to finishing the WCRP Science and Implementation Plan
  • Engagement of WCRP activities and partners
  • The way forward, including timeline
   Working Dinners
Day 4: 11 May 2023, 09:00–16:00 CEST 
Session Overview
Chairs: D. Stammer and P. Braconnot, H. Cleugh; Rapporteurs: N. Van der Wel & H. Palanisamy
7. WCRP Open Science Conference [60 mins] (D. Stammer, H. Cleugh, V. Detemmerman, N .Caltabiano)


  • Updates and discussion on programme, plenaries and sessions
  • Comms, branding and marketing
  • North-South Engagement and involvement of Early Career Scientists
  • Fund raising and finances
Coffee/Tea Break at 10:30 - 11:00

8. Partner Interaction Part 2
Brief updates from partners including:

8.1 GCOS/WCRP collaborations [15+5 min] (A. Rhea)

8.2 Interactions with WMO Hydro and Cryo activities [15+5] (S. Uhlenbrook)

8.3 World Weather Research Programme [15+5] (C. Davis, E. De Coning)

8.4 Global Atmosphere Watch [15+5] (G. Carmichael, S. Pryor)

8.5 Future Earth, including 10NICS and other potential partnerships with WCRP [30 + 10] ( S. Hebden)

8.6 Short interventions from other partners [30 mins]

  • APN (Prof Tangang)
  • GEO (S.Venturini, online)
13:00-14h00 Lunch

9. WCRP Branding [60 mins]

10. WCRP Secretariat and Finance [30 mins]

  • Secretariat Report [10 mins] (M. Sparrow)
  • Summary of Budgets and Finance [20 mins] (M. Sparrow)
  • M. Sparrow will briefly summarise the 2022/23 expenditure, and 2024 budget.

11.  Closing Remarks [30 min.] (D. Stammer, P. Braconnot, M. Sparrow)

 18:00-20:00  EU Public Evening - Open Parliamentarian Evening