yellow manWCRP promotes current and future leadership in climate science, making particular efforts to support and engage Early Career Researchers (ECRs) from all regions in the world, toward a sustainable climate research community.

In the context of the 8TH GEWEX OPEN SCIENCE CONFERENCE: EXTREMES AND WATER ON THE EDGE, WCRP has identified five outstanding early career scientist candidates through an international selection process performed in collaboration with several early career researcher networks. In the effort of promoting excellent science undertaken by early career scientists, WCRP would like to introduce you to five future leaders in climate science.


Andreas Prein
National Center for Atmospheric Research

Andreas Prein is using mesoscale climate models and high-resolution observations to improve our understanding of atmospheric processes that occur in extreme events and their changing characteristics due to climate change.
In this conference, he talked about the processes that lead to the rapid response of mesoscale convective systems (MCSs) precipitation volume to global warming.

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Emily SlinskeyEmily Slinskey
Portland State University


Emily Slinskey focuses on monitoring and tracking changes in precipitation extremes over space and time. She works toward broadening our understanding of different approaches to documenting extremes and the uncertainties associated with observational measurement techniques.
In this conference, she assessed observational uncertainty in extreme precipitation events over the continental United States.

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julianJulian Giles
Centro de Investigaciones del Mar y la Atmosfera

Julian Giles is very enthusiastic about programming and data analysis. He is currently using regional model data to study the effect of land-atmosphere coupling experiments in atmospheric circulation and precipitation characteristics.
In this conference, he analyzed the diurnal cycle of precipitation over South America and how preceding soil moisture conditions can affect precipitation events.

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LinyunLinyun Yang
Nanjing University


Linyun Yang have studied the dynamical downscaling with WRF to investigate the impact of physical processes and nudging parameters. She is interested in weather system, particularly typhoon and dreamed about to be a storm chaser.
In this conference, she evaluated multi-physics on the simulation of extreme hot summer in 2003 over CORDEX-EA-II Region.

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Mia Gross
University of New South Wales


Mia aims to communicate her research through a narrative that can be understood by both a scientific and non-scientific audience. She would like to continue researching climate extremes with a particular focus on regional to local-scale changes.
In this conference, she investigated the sensitivity of global temperature variability and extremes over 1980 – 2014 to the input dataset.

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