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WCRP maintains a series of WCRP reports and special WCRP publications as outcomes of the major activities of our Core Projects (Including Scientific Steering Group (SSG) meetings and annual reports), Working Groups and other WCRP initiatives by the community. To ensure quality, consistency, and accessibility to a wider audience, as well as to make things easier for authors, we follow a set publication submission procedure:

  1. CONTENT: Authors submit a draft report (formatted according to the WCRP format and layout guidelines if using a WCRP template) to their responsible liaison at the WCRP Secretariat for approval. The WCRP Secretariat should be involved at an early stage to ensure all elements of the publication have been considered and to encourage timely completion. 
  2. PRESENTATION: The WCRP Secretariat assigns the publication a WCRP publication number and works with the authors on the layout and formatting of the publication (if needed), either using a WCRP template or an alternative as agreed between the author and WCRP Secretariat. The copyright information of all images must be listed in the publication, and all images must have a reasonable resolution. Responsibility for editing the document rests primarily with the authors.
  3. PUBLICATION: Once the content and presentation of the publication are finalized, a final copy of the publication is uploaded to the WCRP website and, unless advised otherwise, advertised via WCRP web news and social media channels.

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