Modelling is a core activity for WCRP. Models are the main climate diagnosis and prediction tool. The three modelling and prediction groups, WGCM, WGSIP and WCRP/CAS WGNE, oversee the development of various types of modelling. Every WCRP project has a set of modelling activities. The WCRP Modelling Advisory Council (WMAC) coordinates high-level aspects of modelling across WCRP, ensuring cooperation with main WCRP partners such as WWRP, and acts as a single entry point for all WCRP modelling activities. WMAC works with the WCRP Data Advisory Council to promote effective use of models with observations and address aspects of modelling in data assimilation, reanalysis, Observing System Sensitivity Experiments and in paleoclimatic research.

In partnership with WCRP projects and working groups, WMAC acts as a focal point for WCRP modelling and advises the JSC and WCRP community on issues pertaining to modelling. It will:

  • regularly assess modelling capabilities within WCRP and identify gaps, overlaps and opportunities for synergy;
  • provide advice on priorities for modelling across WCRP including the Grand Challenges;
  • facilitate effective communication on modelling issues within the WCRP and with the broader community; and
  • promote capacity development in model development, evaluation, and applications.