The WCRP Modelling Advisory Council is expected to:

  • communicate regularly by e-mail;
  • meet once a year;
  • encourage joint meetings of working groups and/or panels to promote communication or to launch focused joint initiatives; and
  • avoid duplicating or overlapping with existing working groups or panels.

The Council should have the flexibility and resources to promote action within existing WCRP projects and panels or by appointing limited duration task teams to accomplish its tasks. 

Members are appointed by JSC for a 3-year term with a possibility of two 2-year extensions. There are two co-chairs, one being independent (i.e. having no formal affiliation to WCRP modelling groups) and the other being a co-chair of one of the three modelling panels and working groups (WGNE, WGSIP, WGCM). Co-chairs have a rotating position with a 2-year term.

The members of the WCRP Modelling Advisory Council include:

  • co-chairs of remaining two WCRP modelling panels and working-groups (WGNE, WGSIP, WGCM);
  • representatives of WCRP projects (GEWEX, CLIVAR, SPARC, CliC and CORDEX);
  • representative from the WCRP Data Advisory Council; and
  • representative from the Working Group on Regional Climate Science and Information(WGRC).
Christian Jakob Co-Chair Monash Uni., AUSTRALIA
Gerald Meehl Co-Chair NCAR, USA
Gokhan Danabasoglu CLIVAR Rep. NCAR, USA
Francisco Doblas-Reyes WGSIP Rep. and
WMAC Co-chair-elect
Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and
Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA), SPAIN
Pierre Friedlingstein   University of Exeter, UK
William Gutowski CORDEX Rep. Iowa State University, USA
Gerhard Krinner CliC Rep. CNRS, France
Judith Perlwitz SPARC Rep. NOAA, USA
Cath Senior WGCM Rep. Hadley Centre, Met Office, UK
Jean-Noel Thepaut WDAC Rep. ECMWF, UK
Keith Williams WGNE Rep. Met Office