Members are appointed by JSC for a 3-year term with a possibility of two 2-year extensions:

  • Chair and vice-chair (both independent)
  • Representative from each of the 5 projects (SSG nominates, JSC confirms)
  • Representative from each of the 3 GCOS panels (chairs or their nominees)
  • Representative of the WCRP Modelling Advisory Council
  • Representative from the Working Group on Regional Climate
  • Representative of SOLAS (SOLAS SSC nominates)
  • Representative of the Joint CEOS-CGMS WG Climate (Chair or Vice-chair)
  • Representative of PCMDI (PCMDI nominates, JSC confirms)
  • Representative from the biogeochemistry community

Representatives are ex-officio appointments representing their respective organizations. Other international agencies and observations coordinating bodies may participate as observer members of the Council.

The WCRP Data Advisory Council is expected to:

  • communicate regularly by email, teleconference or videoconference
  • meet in person, annually as a minimum
  • encourage joint meetings of working groups and/or panels to promote communication or to launch focused joint initiatives
S. Tegtmeier Co-chair & SPARC Rep., University of Saskatchewan
J. Schulz Co-chair EUMETSAT, Germany
D. Bakker   University of East Anglia, UK
M. Bosilovich   NASA GSFC, USA
P. Gleckler   LLNL, USA
S. Pinnock   ESA Climate Office, UK
R. Roca GEWEX Rep. LEGOS, CNRS, France
A. Rutgersson SOLAS Rep.  University of Uppsala, Sweden
T. Zhang CliC Rep. Lanzhou University, China
M. Visbeck JSC Liaison GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Germany


M. Balmaseda Data Assimilation ECMWF, UK
L. Chen CLIVAR Rep. IAP, China
S. Speich / W. Yu GCOS/WCRP OOPC Rep. LMD-IPSL, France / SYSU, China
P. Thorne GCOS/WCRP AOPC Co-chair University of East Anglia, UK
A. Von Bargen WG Climate DLR, Germany