Academy survey 2023

As the research training advisory and coordination arm of the World Climate Research Program, the WCRP Academy aims to equip current and future climate scientists with the knowledge, skills, and attributes required to tackle the world’s most pressing and challenging climate research questions by serving as a knowledge broker who connects climate scientists with training providers based on up-to-date and rigorous evidence of climate training needs.

In line with our mission, the WCRP Academy conducted the first Climate Training Stocktake Survey in 2021 where we identified the training needs of current and future climate scientists and examined gaps in availability and access from the perspective of training consumers. To complement this survey, the WCRP Academy has recently launched the Second Climate Training Stocktake Survey, primarily focused on training providers.

As a climate science training and education provider, you are asked to participate in this survey to help the WCRP Academy identify the best available climate science training opportunities. Your responses will also help the Academy to explore how to better connect training providers and consumers, potentially via the forthcoming World Climate Science Academy website.

For definitions of climate science, climate science training, and climate scientist, please see our webpage:

The survey will take about 25 minutes or less to complete. The Academy is mainly interested in your upcoming event/activity that is most relevant to climate science training. Please also feel free to provide information about other training offered by your institution/organization.

Full information on the survey, including ethics and confidentiality considerations, is outlined at the beginning of the survey. 

The survey is now closed


If you have any questions or would like to remove your personal information after submission, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please provide your feedback to this survey at the latest by 5 March 2023.