Remote session, 9th, 15th and 16th December 2020

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Draft agenda (as of December 16, 2020)

All times are GMT/UTC

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 Wednesday 9 December 2020

12h30   Connection and technical check
13h00   1. Welcome and introduction – WGCM Co-chairs
    2. CMIP6 Status
13h10   2a. CMIP6 Status (highlights, lessons learned, challenges)V. Eyring
13h40   2b. WIP Status (lessons learned, challengesP.J.  Durack, M. Mizielinski, K. E. Taylor
14h00   2c. ECS UpdateJ. Meehl, C. Senior
14h15   2d. Discussion
14h30   Break
    3. CMIP7 Planning
14h45   3a. CMIP7: Overview (including specification of emission forcing) - J.-F. Lamarque
15h00   3b. CMIP7 SurveyJ.-F. Lamarque, P. Durack, J. Arblaster, R. Pincus
15h15   3c. Status on CMIP-Endorsed MIP documentationR. Pincus
15h30   3d. WIP options for the future CMIP6+/EXT (Covid-MIP), CMIP7M. Mizielinski, P. J. Durack, K. E. Taylor
15h45   3e. DOE perspective on CMIP and discussion  - J. Hnilo, R. Joseph and G. Geernaert
15h55   3f. Wrap-up/discussion
16:00   End of Day 1


Tuesday 15 December 2020

20h30   Connection and technical check
    4. Modeling Group Presentations - CMIP6 Where are we now ?

Please use following guidance (10 mins each, max 5 slides)

  • Summary of where you are with CMIP6 (1-2 slides)
  • Ongoing engagement with CMIP science (continuing science within MIPs, new MIPs etc) (1-2 slides)
  • Appetite for CMIP7 (1 slide)
21h00   4a. German Modelling Groups - J. Jungclaus (Max Planck Institute)
21h10   4b. French Modelling groups - D. Salas y Melia (Météo France)
21h20   4c. UK Modelling Groups - C. Senior (MOHC Hadley Centre)
21h30   4d. EC-Earth - R. Döscher (SMHI)
21h40   4e. GFDL - Balaji (Princeton University)
21h50   4f. CESM - G. Danabasoglu (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
22h00   4g. Canadian Modelling Groups - G. Flato (Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis)
22h10   4h. Australian Modelling Groups - S. Marsland (CSIRO)
22h20   4i. Japanese Modelling Groups - M. Watanabe (University of Tokyo)
22h30   4j. Chinese Modelling Groups - T. Zhou (LASG, IAP, China)
22h40   4k. Indian Modelling Groups - S. Panickal (Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM))
22h50    4l. Updating the CMIP6 data license - M. Juckes
23:00   Break
23h15    4.m Discussion
24h00    End of Day 2


Wednesday 16 December 2020

12h30   Connection and technical check
    5. Programmatic matter
13h00   5a. Feedback from JSC41b, Model-data-homeP. Friedlingstein, J. Meehl, M. Rixen
13h15   5b. WMO Res 67 on CMIP, CMIP framework, CMIP-IPO – M. Rixen
13h30   5c. Link to regional modelling - M. Roberts and CORDEX update - C. Teichmann on behalf of S. Solman and D. Jacob
13h50   5d. Discussion
14h00   Break
    6. WGCM Science Directions
14h15   6a. Multi-model ensembles – G. Flato
14h30   6b. obs4MIPs and CREATE – P. Gleckler, S. Pinnock
14h45   6c. Evaluation (ESMValTool – M. Schlund, CMEC and other efforts - P. Gleckler
15h15   6d. Discussion
    7. WGCM Business
15h30   7a. Membership
15h40   7b. Actions arising
15h50   7c. Next meeting
16:00   End of Day 3 and e-social gathering