CliC 11th Scientific Steering Group 2015

February 9-12
11th Session of the CliC Scientific Steering Group.

GEWEX 27th Session of the Scientific Steering Group 2015

Report 22/2015
February 16-19
27th Session of the GEWEX Scientific Steering Group.

GAW Coupled Chemistry-Meterorology/Climate Modelling 2015

Report 9/2016
February 23-25
Coupled Chemistry-Meteorology/Climate Modelling


Table of 2015 publications

WCRP Report Number Meeting Title Date Venue Country
2/2015 Report of the 18th Session of the Working Group on Coupled Modeling 8-10 October 2014 Garmisch Germany
3/2015 Report of the 21st Session of the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group 10-12 November 2014 Moscow Russia 
4/2015 IPCC AR5: Lessons Learnt for Climate Change Research and WCRP 8-10 September 2014 Bern Switzerland
5/2015 Report of the 2nd Session of the CORDEX Science Advisory Team 25-27 February 2015 Norrköping Sweden
6/2015 36th Session of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee: List of Participants 30 June-4 July 2014 Heidelberg Germany
7/2015 WGOMD-11      
8/2015 Report of the 1st WCRP GC Sea Level Science Steering Team Meeting 19-20 March 2015  Utrecht  Netherlands
9/2015 CLIVAR Ocean Model Development Panel (OMDP) mini workshop on forcing ocean and sea-ice models 29-30 January 2015  Grenoble France
10/2015 Report of the 4th Session of the WCRP Modeling Advisory Council (WMAC) 9 April 2015 Geneva Switzerland
11/2015 Ringberg15: Earth’s Climate Sensitivities 23-27 March 2015 Schloss Ringberg Germany
12/2015 Report of the 17th Session of the GCOS/GTOS/WCRP Terrestrial Observation Panel for Climate (TOPC-17) 16-18 March 2015 Birmensdorf Germany
13/2015 Report of the 20th Session of the GCOS/WCRP Atmospheric Observation Panel for Climate (AOPC-20) 17-20 March 2015 Birmensdorf Germany
14/2015 A prospectus for the CLIVAR research focus: ”Consistency between planetary energy balance and ocean heat storage (CONCEPT-HEAT)”      
15/2015 Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE) Blue Book 2015      
16/2015 Report of the 18th Session of the GCOS/GTOS/WCRP Ocean Observations Panel for Climate (OOPC-18) 14-17 April 2014 Sendai Japan
17/2015 Report of the 30th Session of the Working Group on Numerical Experimentation 23-26 March 2015 Maryland USA
18/2015 Report of the 4th Session of the WCRP Data Advisory Council (WDAC) 1-3 July 2015 Reading UK
19/2015 Data Set Quality Assessments: Needs, Benefits, Best Practices and Governance      
20/2015 Report of the 8th Session of Global Synthesis and Observations Panel 28 September 2015 Exeter UK
21/2015 Report of the 14th Session of the CLIVAR Atlantic Region Panel 24 August 2015 Cape Town South Africa
22/2015 Report of the 27th Session of the GEWEX Scientific Steering Group 16-19 February 2015 Medellín Colombia