WCRP promotes a vision to play a prominent leading role in supporting and promoting internationally coordinated climate science with global and regional impacts. In the regional context, the focus of WCRP remains on enhancing the scientific basis to understand regional climate and its changes; identifying, quantifying and delivering high quality, reliable and accessible regional climate information, the needs for which are identified by regional stakeholders. The scope of WCRP activities does not include climate services, but includes providing science-based, reliable and locally relevant information on which climate services and impact assessments can be built.

Addressing this objective, WCRP thrives to bridge the identified gaps between data producers and data users, and between research science and operational services. As part of this effort, the WCRP Coordination Office for Regional Activities (CORA) was launched in 2018, in order to identify opportunities, resources and partners to promote regional climate science throughout WCRP and the international research community.

The landscape for climate science and its applications is rapidly evolving. Under these circumstances, WCRP also continuously review its vision, respective roles and interactions through which WCRP can connect with climate service providers as well as other primary users of climate information, largely regionally-oriented. It also continues to encourage and promote opportunities for regionally-oriented activities to address underlying science challenges across the breadth of climate research, to underpin the development and assessment of climate information for regional applications.