Climate Ahead sml

We will very likely regard 2016 as a year of climatic and political extremes. Personally I find the surge in atmospheric CO2 – momentarily roughly 5 ppm higher on 1 January 2017 than on the same day a year earlier – remarkable and worrisome but I think most of us, as we look carefully at many facets of the climate system, will admit to surprises in 2016. Whatever our political views and across our wide range of expertise, I suspect we share and resonate with a general sense of uncertainty as the new normal.

What should we anticipate for 2017?


The Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) project is one of WCRP's four core projects. It spans the entire diversity of the Earth’s cryosphere: marine cryosphere, terrestrial cryosphere, alpine cryosphere, and ice sheets. A balance between disciplinary specialization and multi-disciplinary collaboration allows integrating the outcomes of this research as input to assessments and predictions of the cryosphere and climate. The connection between cryospheric observations, process studies and modelling (regional and global) is an increasingly important focus for CliC.