CLIVAR Newsletter final

The Climate and Ocean: Variability, Predictability and Change (CLIVAR) project is one of WCRP's four core projects. CLIVAR’s mission is to understand the dynamics, the interaction, and the predictability of the coupled ocean-atmosphere system. To this end it facilitates observations, analysis and predictions of changes in the Earth’s climate system, enabling better understanding of climate variability and dynamics, predictability, and change, to the benefit of society and the environment in which we live.

3questionsThe World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) facilitates the analysis and prediction of many aspects of Earth system change. Our Programme covers complex research questions, many with immediate relevance to understanding and predicting human impact on climate. The WCRP ‘Grand Science Challenges’ convey and address daunting research questions that confront the climate research community. However, faced with a planet that shows increasing signs of rapid change, have we missed something among our science priorities? Do we address our priorities in a coordinated and efficient manner? Do we share and can we convey a compelling overall vision?