The 41st Session of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC-41) was held last week, marking the first time in history that leaders of the WCRP community and key partners joined together in an online forum. While I am sure that many missed a face-to-face meeting with new or long-time colleagues, in terms of engagement and progress the online Session was a great success. With 94 participants over the 3 days of the Open Session, there were excellent discussions and debates over the future elements and structure of WCRP and updates from all of WCRP's core activities on their progress and future plans. We thank all of the presenters and participants for their excellent preparation and engagement in the Session. 

The JSC-41 meeting report is currently being written and will be available in early June. We will report soon on how you can be involved in plans that are forming as a result of the outcomes of the Session.

Screen Shot JSC 41