Live Stream S2SThe 2018 International Conferences on Subseasonal to Decadal Prediction, which will take place from the 17-21 September 2018 at NCAR in Boulder, will be live streamed for remote viewing. For more details follow the advice on the workshop webpages.

The conferences will bring together scientists, producers, and users at the forefront of S2S and S2D prediction and related research, development, and application areas. They will foster the exchange of information and knowledge between the communities towards more seamless subseasonal to decadal predictions. One track will be dedicated to subseasonal to seasonal prediction (S2S), a second to seasonal to decadal prediction (S2D), and a third track will be carried out jointly between both communities. 

Remote viewers will be able to view the common track as well as choose between the S2S and S2D tracks when they are held in parallel.