WCRP Strategic Plan LogoThrough a joint consultation process with WCRP expert bodies and activity chairs, WCRP leadership has prepared the next Draft WCRP Strategic Plan which is now open for public comment. WCRP welcomes your comments and invites you to share this call among your colleagues and networks.

This public consultation phase will enable WCRP, together with its wider community, to shape climate research priorities for the next decade. The consultation period will close on 31 August 2018. The Draft Strategic Plan and all details on the public comment and feedback process can be found on the public consultation webpage.

The WCRP Strategic Plan 2019-2029:

The WCRP Strategic Plan will outline WCRP's vision for 2019-2029. It will feature an updated mission statement, strategically positioning WCRP for the upcoming decade. The Plan will present its strategy around three key concepts: 

  1. Four Scientific "Objectives", which form key goals for fundamental climate science to be achieved over the next decade;
  2. Six Scientific "Emphases", which highlight specific research themes that are cross-disciplinary and/or link bedrock science with society;
  3. Eight "Imperatives", which can be thought of as tools, resources and infrastructure that climate research relies on to progress on the above Objectives and Emphases.

The WCRP Strategic Plan 2019-2029 constitutes an outline of 'what' should be achieved, structured around these three concepts of "Objectives", "Emphases" and "Imperatives". The 'how' of achieving it will be part of an Implementation Plan, which is in development.