Logos JPI Climate and AXIS Scientists located in Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Moldova, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain or Sweden may consider submitting a proposal to the EU JPI Climate's AXIS Joint Call for Transnational Collaborative Research Projects 2018. (Participation of project partners outside these countries may be possible.)

With the call, the EU JPI Climate's ERA-NET Consortium AXIS (Assessment of Cross(X)-sectoral climate Impacts and pathways for Sustainable transformation) aims to broaden the knowledge base that helps guiding societies in their transition to sustainability, in particular through an integrated understanding of social, political and environmental impacts and risks associated with climate change.

Proposals are expected to mostly be of small to medium size (0.3 - 2 million €) and of a duration of up to 3 years. Pre-registrations must be received by 18 June 2018 and full proposals by 8 October 2018.

Projects are asked to build, where possible, on existing international initiatives, such as WCRP's CMIP and in particular VIACS-AB as well as WCRP's CORDEX.

The AXIS joint call focuses on three interlinked themes:

1. Cross-sectoral and cross-scale climate change impact assessments

2. Integration of biophysical climate change impact estimates with economic models

3. Developing pathways to achieve the long-term objectives of the Paris Agreement, taking into account interactions with SDGs closely linked to SDG 13 (“climate action”)

For full information, see:

* the complete AXIS Joint Call for Proposals
* the call's online announcement
* and the call's flyer

Background and Context

The European Commission's European Research Area (ERA) has launched, in 2008, its Joint Programming process with the aim of addressing high-level societal challenges in a coordinated manner. Currently, ten Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) exist, five of which are related to Earth, environmental and climate science.

The JPI Climate (Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe, CliK'EU) aims to provide a platform to coordinate large-scale European research efforts on climate and climate change.

The JPI's ERA-NET Consortium AXIS, as well as its predecessor, the JPI Climate ERA-Net on Climate Services (ERA4CS), both aim to further the European Roadmap for Climate Services.