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Monsoons are identified as seasonal transitions of atmospheric circulation and precipitation regimes in response to the annual cycle of solar insolation and the distribution of moist static energy. The Monsoons Panel is a joint effort between the WCRP CLIVAR and GEWEX Core Projects to explore monsoons in a global context and to bring together researchers to collaborate and share best practices across monsoon regions. The Monsoons Panel coordinates three regional working groups – focussed on the Asian-Australian, American, and African monsoons.  

The Monsoons Panel aims to understand monsoon variability and improve predictions, including investigating the impact of convection, and land surface and ocean-atmosphere interactions, in monsoon dynamics. While observations and modeling activities remain fundamental to monsoons research, the Panel is now also investigating cross-scale linkages and areas traditionally outside classical monsoon studies. There is a push towards integrating new methodologies, refining process studies (especially regarding convection and land-surface processes in models) and improving collaboration with climate change modeling efforts. The Panel also strives to bridge the gap between research and operational forecasting and nurture young scientists globally. 

The Monsoons Panel is supported by the International Monsoons Project Office (IMPO), hosted by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) located in Pune, India.  

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