Workshop themes and structure

The workshop will be organized into several sessions, based on aspects of the Earth system to which diff erent model "species" can be applied. In each session we will encourage talks showing how robust and uncertain features from comprehensive (e.g. CMIP) model simulations can be interpreted through simpler or more idealized models and experiments. We also encourage the proposal of experimental designs where different models of the same species may be compared (“idealized MIPs”), as well as talks on modeling infrastructure frameworks that allow the construction of various model species from a single codebase.

The session themes include:

  • Tropical convection and radiative-convective equilibrium
  • Mid-latitude dynamics and storm tracks
  • Stratosphere-troposphere coupling
  • Ocean dynamics
  • ENSO and other coupled modes of variability
  • Climate sensitivity and feedbacks
  • Biospheres and the carbon cycle: from Gaia to full ecosystems

You are encouraged to align with one of these themes, but topics relevant to the overarching theme of model hierarchies may be submitted anyway; we will reorganize the sessions around the papers we receive.