At the seventeenth session of the WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl-17, 2018), it was decided that the group activities of ETCCDI would discontinue. The CCl Expert Team on Sector-specific Climate Indices (ET-SCI) would be responsible for operational aspects of enhancing software tool for sector-specific climate indices. 

The WCRP Grand Challenge on Weather and Climate Extremes has integrated much of the research aspects of ETCCDI, global dataset development and detection and attribution. Particular emphasis is being made to ensure contributions to the development of extremes-related climate services.

International Detection and Attribution Group (IDAG)

The International Detection and Attribution Group (IDAG) is a group of specialists on climate change detection and attribution, who have been collaborating since 1995 on assessing and reducing uncertainties in the estimates of climate change, and who have made substantial contributions to the IPCC process and the US CCSP activities.

Task Team on Definitions of Extreme Weather and Climate Events

The Task Team on Definitions of Extreme Weather and Climate Events (TT-DEWCE) is a team under the WMO Technical Commission for Climatology (CCl), responsible for providing guidance to WMO Members on the methodologies, standards and recommended tools to analyse climate extremes.

WCRP Grand Challenge on Understanding and Predicting Weather and Climate Extremes

Weather and climate extremes are an inherent part of climate, affecting every aspect of our society. Decision- and policy- makers and stakeholders are increasingly asking for reliable predictions of extremes on time scales from days to seasons to centuries. To meet this need, through addressing specific barriers in scientific progress, the WCRP Grand Challenge promotes research on weather and climate extremes that require international partnership and coordination, and that yield “actionable information” for decision makers.