Provisional agenda

  • For a pdf version of the agenda  of the WDAC-7, click here
  • For the agenda of the Joint Meeting of Joint CEOS/CGMS Working Group on Climate with WDA, click here

 Monday 26 March 2018

1. Introduction – Chairs O. Brown, J.-N. Thépaut
08h30            a. Introduction – WDAC Co-chairs 
08h40   b. Welcome address – WMO/WCRP (D. Terblanche)
08h50   c. WCRP update: sponsors’ review, new strategy and implementation – M. Rixen
09h10   d. GCOS update – C. Richter
09h25   e. AOPC update – C. Tassone
09h40   f. TOPC update – S. Eggleston
09h55   g. OOPC update – J. Karstensen / K. Hill
10h10   h. Review of WDAC6 actions – O. Brown
10h30   Coffee break
2. WDAC Task Teams - Chair O. Brown
11h00   a. Obs4MIPS – P. Gleckler
11h30   b. Fluxes Task Team (including SOLAS update) – A. Rutgersson
12h00   c. Reanalyses and TIRA – M. Bosilovich (remotely)
12h30   Lunch
3. Observations and data initiatives – Chair J.-N. Thépaut
Briefers are invited to focus on observational requirements, data assessments and inter-comparison efforts
14h00   a. CliC – B. Galton-Fenzi (remotely)
14h20   b. SPARC and S-RIP update – S. Tegtmeier
14h40   c. GEWEX and GDAP update – R. Rocca
15h00   d. CLIVAR and GSOP update – D. Stammer
15h20   Coffee break
16h00   e. Copernicus Climate Change Service and International Conference on Reanalysis summary (part 1) (part 2)– J.N. Thépaut
16h30   f. SOCAT, GLODAP and related matters – D. Bakker
16h45   g. Discussion – identification of broad strategic data priorities - all
18h00   No-host dinner (place TBC)


Tuesday 27 March 2017

 4. WCRP Strategic Plan – Chair O. Brown  
08h30   a. Presentation of current draft Strategic Plan (SP) – M. Rixen
09h00   b. Brainstorm session: SP Overarching Objectives
09h30   c. Brainstorm session: SP Emphases
10h00   d. Brainstorm session: SP Imperatives
10h30   Coffee break
11h00   e. Synthesis of WDAC inputs on SP to JSC - all
12h30   Lunch
5. WCRP Implementation plan – Chair J.-N. Thépaut
13h30   a. Development of new Implementation Plan (IP) – M. Rixen
13h45   b. Brainstorm session on partnerships and governance
14h00   c. Synthesis of WDAC suggestions to JSC
6. WDAC Business – Chair O. Brown and J.-N. Thépaut
14h30   a. Possible next WDAC Meeting – Date/Venue
14h40   b. Review of Draft actions list
15h00   Coffee break
7. Joint Meeting of Joint CEOS/CGMS Working Group on Climate with WCRP Data Advisory Council
15h30   Room C2 (basement, level -1) – see agenda in separate document - See the presentations
18h00   Meeting ends