Dates: 18-20 November 2024 (2.5 days)

Location: World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Geneva, Switzerland

This Safe Landing Climates Lighthouse Activity workshop will bring together communities working on high-risk large-scale extreme events and systemic risks as well as those applying novel methodologies and tools to assess risks across sectors and disciplines. This activity will foster multidisciplinary collaboration with the ultimate goal of fostering new approaches to addressing such shocks. We will generate actionable outputs in the form of peer-reviewed, agenda-setting publications that influence assessments of climate risk.

Attendance is by invitation only.


  1. Exchange about challenges in assessing high-impact cascading shocks across systems through joint discussions
  2. Definition of areas benefiting from collaborations across disciplines
  3. Identification of agenda-setting topics, and of papers to be published as a result of the workshop

Organizers: Laura Suarez-Gutierrez, Ana Bastos, Gabi Hegerl

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Image: Pixabay