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Members of the Safe Landing Climates lighthouse activity have recently published a commentary “Uncertain Pathways to a Future Safe Climate” in Earth’s Future.  

The plain language summary (as given) of the piece is as follows:  

Global risks may arise from many places, not all of which are being considered at the moment in the usual projections of future climate. Some risks are being overlooked, sometimes by most of the physical science community itself, or else by others who need information about future climate. We think physical climate sciences can do a lot to remedy this situation by looking more systematically at a broader array of risks and possible futures, narrowing them down, and collaboratively seeking better ways to express them. In this perspective we argue why this is important and explain a few ways it can be done. 

Read "Uncertain Pathways to a Future Safe Climate” here. (Open access) 

AGU EOS's Aaron Sidder has also written a research spotlight on the commentary. Click here to read the spotlight

Image credit: Photo by Jakub Kriz on Unsplash