CliC Webinar Nicholas D. Holschuh Poster

Join the next CliC Webinar on Wednesday, 6 March 2024 at 9am EST, where Nicholas D. Holschuh will discuss "The Competition Between Interior Thinning and Marginal Retreat at Thwaites Glacier".

Holschuh's research delves into the physical mechanisms governing glacier dynamics from the equator to the poles. Glaciers in mid-latitudes act as reservoirs for the hydrologic system, accumulating snow during wet seasons and releasing it during dry periods, crucially supplying water to water-scarce regions in Asia and South America. Meanwhile, polar ice sheets play a vital role in regulating global sea levels, with rapid ice loss posing a significant uncertainty for coastal hazards in the coming century. Despite uncertainties in future emissions and climate sensitivity, there remain substantial gaps in our comprehension of glacier behavior. Holschuh employs geophysical observations to characterize present conditions, historical evolution, and anticipated future trends of glaciers worldwide.