The International Project Office for the Regional Information for Society project welcomes its first director

Last December, Ouranos announced the establishment in Montreal of the International Project Office (IPO) for the Regional Information for Society (RIfS), new core project of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). Today, we are delighted to announce the arrival of Naomi Goldenson as the first Director of the RIfS IPO.
Dr Goldenson holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington, an M.Sc. in Geological Sciences from the Arizona State University, and a B.A. in Physics from Wesleyan University. She has solid experience working on regional climate applications and collaborating with stakeholders in the water and energy sectors. Following her postdoctoral research at UCLA's Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Dr Goldenson worked as a stakeholder scientist at UCLA's Center for Climate Science. Founder and director of Model World Consulting, she was until recently the Analytics team leader of the Cal-Adapt Analytics Engine.

The RIfS Core Project aims to strengthen the links between climate research and the information needs of society. The office will coordinate international research efforts to answer crucial questions posed by decision-makers in the public and private sectors, enabling them to make informed strategic choices about climate change at local and regional scales.

 “It’s an honor for me to participate in the establishment of this new international WCRP project office. This unique opportunity will advance the international consensus on regional climate data needs. I'm convinced that it's by working with colleagues around the world that we can improve transparency and access to information, to make sure that the most important work is getting done.

- Dr Naomi Goldenson, Director of the RIfS IPO

 “We are delighted to welcome Dr Naomi Goldenson as the Director of the RIfS IPO. Along with the IPO team that she’ll assemble, Naomi will play a key role in facilitating RIfS vision to advance our research on climate science information in partnership with internal WCRP activities and a wide range of external partners in climate services and society.

-    Silvina Solman, Sara Pryor and Bruce Hewitson, RIfS co-chairs

"By setting up in Montreal, the RIfS office and Dr Naomi Goldenson will find a Quebec research and innovation ecosystem ready to collaborate in the development of knowledge and its mobilization. Naomi will thus have the opportunity to work in close proximity to a network of dynamic Quebec partners, actors and researchers who are keen to contribute to the understanding of climate science and data to help decision-makers effectively combat climate change."

- Alain Bourque, Executive Director, Ouranos

We wish Naomi a warm welcome and every success in her new role.