Three exciting leadership opportunities in WCRP International Project Offices (IPOs). WCRP invites applications for the posts of:

  • Director of the CLIVAR (Climate and Ocean - Variability, Predictability, and Change) International Project Office, hosted by the Ocean University of China (OUC) in Qingdao, China
  • Director of the RIfS (Regional Information for Society) International Project Office, hosted by Ouranos in Montreal, Canada
  • Director of the ESMO (Earth System and Modelling Observations) International Project Office, hosted by DKRZ in Hamburg, Germany

CLIVAR’s mission is to understand the dynamics, the interaction, and the predictability of the climate system with emphasis on ocean-atmosphere interactions. RIfS aims to strengthen ties between research on climate and the information needs of societies and governments. ESMO takes a seamless and value-chain model-data-observation approach across Earth system components, fundamental and applied disciplines, time and spatial scales and  infrastructures. It will optimise model development, establish new prediction systems, innovate observing systems, improve climate data ecosystems and connectivity, advance data assimilation and digital-twin frameworks.

The International Project Offices (IPOs) provide overall support for the planning and implementation of Core Project priorities and ensures appropriate international coordination and communication between their Scientific Steering Group (SSG), groups within their structure, and collaboration with related WCRP and other international programmes.

The director will assemble a team, define the IPO’s identity, and fulfill its mandate.

  • More details about the CLIVAR position and how to apply, click here. – Deadline 30 June 2023
  • More details about the RIfS position and how to apply, click here – Deadline 26 June 2023
  • More details about the ESMO posiotn and how to apply, click here – Deadline 30 June 2023